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SSS scholars are eligible starting with the 3 main criteria: first-generation, limited income, and ability status. Second, scholars' academic need is considered, including, but not limited to: high school transcript & GPA, application essay need description, math and writing abilities/ACT scores, and other academic factors.

There are a couple of ways you can submit your SSS application.

  1. Click on the "Apply to SSS" tab at the left; then click the "2020-2021 Application" button on the right. A new tab will open with the application. Download the pdf and open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader and because it is a fillable pdf you can just fill in the blanks. On Page 2 - be sure a parent/guardian signs it and on Page 4 - be sure YOU, the student, signs it on both lines. Save the application. Email the complete application to . You will be notified that your application has been received.

  2. Click on the "Apply to SSS" tab at the left; then click the "2020-2021 Application" button on the right. A new tab will open with the application. Download the pdf and print it out. Fill in all the information, have a parent/guardian sign page 2 and the student sign page 4. Now you can scan it and email it or put it in an envelope and mail it to: TRIO Student Support Services, 410 S 3rd Street, River Falls, WI 54022.

When SSS applications are received, they undergo the eligibility review process. After the priority deadline, all applications are reviewed and the acceptance process begins. Applicants who demonstrate the highest eligibility and academic need are accepted first, then we move along a continuum of need until all available spots in the program are filled. If your application is not accepted immediately, you will be placed on a wait list for consideration in the next semester or academic year.

The Wait List consists of students who meet eligibility and academic need requirements but for whom the program did not have immediate space. The Wait List is regularly reviewed when program openings occur.


What services and benefits does SSS offer?

Academic Coaching is the most important service we offer our scholars. Different than the academic advisor, who does academic program/degree advising, the academic coach assists and supports the SSS scholar as they navigate UWRF, college processes, transitions, and campus departments. Coaches meet regularly with scholars to build relationships and understand the unique needs of each student. Each student is attending UWRF with different experiences and expectations. We listen to this and provide coaching in multiple areas of college. Some of these areas include: assistance in course selection, connections to campus tutoring, applying for financial aid (FAFSA), and investigating and applying to graduate schools. But there is much more to college than that. We also provide workshops and events which bring SSS scholars together socially, culturally, and academically (see below).

  • Academic workshops: We offer many opportunities for scholars to grow academically. Some workshops include: Time Management & Syllabus, Understanding your Degree Audit Report (DAR), Organization, and Tutoring 101. Some of these workshops are hosted by SSS and others are partnered with other campus departments like Tutoring and the Student Success
  • Financial & Economic Literacy: Financial and economic literacy (FEL) are required services in our program and we partner with Financial Literacy 101, an online program that measures a student's current level of FEL and recommends further activities to help a student learn more and better manage their finances, now and for the future. We also partner with departments like Financial Aid, Career Services, and UW-Extension offices to offer specific programs on financial aid and FEL.

  • Special Fall Events

    • The Student Development Retreat is held in late September and offers SSS scholars the opportunity learn about leadership, growth mindset, cooperation, and commune with other scholars, both new and continuing. Presenters offer activities which get students thinking, moving, and working together. This is a weekend overnight event.

    • The SSS & McNair Scholar Retreat is held at Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells during the final weekend of September and is a retreat for scholars who are interested in pursuing graduate school. Session on applications, personal statements, and networking are presented to participants during the 2-day event.

  • Special Spring Events

    • The Spring Retreat is usually offered in April and is focused on careers, interviewing, and life after college. Participants can also network with alumni and work on their communication skills.

    • TRIO Day is in February and this is a national event (though hosted on different days depending on the institution) that highlights the successes of TRIO scholars from each of the UWRF programs: Upward Bound, SSS, and the McNair Program.

  • Cultural activities: Because of our convenient location near the metropolitan Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, we have a large number of opportunities to explore local cultural events, from theater and museums to art galleries and service learning.
  • Other engaging workshops and events include Relax with Rose, Reading with Amy, and First Aid/CPR training. We also offer the opportunity to attend student development and leadership conferences and seminars for personal and professional growth. Graduate school investigations and application is encouraged and we offer trips to colleges and universities for students to explore their options.
  • Student Recognition Banquets are held at the end of each semester to recognize scholars who have done outstanding work related to academics, graduation, research, and study abroad. Many scholars are recognized at this event and often in attendance are the Chancellor, Provost, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Excellence and Student Success, and many other campus partners, including special guests of the graduates. The program is planned and executed by the SSS Community Council (described below).

Our Student Support Services (SSS) Peer Mentor Program hires ten active SSS participants who are sophomores or juniors to mentor for the entire academic year (with the possibility of returning in subsequent years if they choose). The purpose of the mentoring program is to provide each first year student an SSS mentor, who has been through their own first year, to support SSS scholars in navigating and adapting to college life at UWRF.  Mentors meet regularly with mentees (first year students) and provide mentor/mentee activities for scholars such as pumpkin painting, bingo night, decorating cookies, etc. to help scholars connect with other scholars to build relationships to enhance their college career.

The SSS Grant in Aid is an exclusive SSS grant. Only SSS scholars are eligible and disbursement is based on program participation, Pell grant receipt status, and unmet financial need. Eligible scholars are encouraged to apply and the SSS program works with the Financial Aid office to finalize eligibility and disbursement.

The Community Council is a group of SSS scholars who meet weekly to plan and implement programming for the entire SSS community. Community Council programming combines education with socialization; past planned events include a guided Paint Night, a gingerbread house-making event, and a trivia challenge. The Community Council also plans each semester's Scholar Recognition Banquet, where graduating seniors and other outstanding SSS students are celebrated for their accomplishments. Participation in the Community Council is on a voluntary basis and is an excellent opportunity to develop leadership skills and creativity. All SSS scholars are encouraged to join.

Priority Registration means that your enrollment date for the following semester is at the same time as someone who is at the top of their rank.  For example, if a freshman had 12 completed credits, they would register at the same time as someone who has 29 credits. Even a few hours can have an impact on getting into a specific class, so this benefit could positively impact your graduation date because you got the class(es) you needed immediately.

SSS offers academic printing support in our office. UWRF includes $10 in printing monies on your Falcon account. For some students, that goes a long way and for others, it doesn't. We have a number of desktop computers available in our office suite for scholars to use to print notes, papers, or other academic related items. We currently offer up to $40 in printing to each scholar, each semester. Printing is not for personal use, clubs or organizations, or for your friends. It is monitored weekly and as you approach the $40 limit, you are notified by an SSS staff member.

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