Academic Integrity

The University of Wisconsin-System expects that students uphold a high level of academic integrity when completing coursework while attending a UW institution. UWS Administrative Code Chapter 14 is a set of policies and procedures regarding academic integrity that all students are expected to follow while enrolled as a student of the UW-System.

At the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, instructors, with help from the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards, are responsible for administering the academic misconduct process. Instructors are expected to report incidents to SCCS in order to keep accurate disciplinary records and identify students who engage in multiple acts of academic misconduct.


It is important to recognize that, as instructors, you must follow the correct process in addressing academic misconduct. UWS Administrative Code Chapter 14 affords students specific responsibilities and rights that must be honored. The Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards is available to help you successfully navigate this process in order to ensure that academic misconduct is managed appropriately according to UWS Administrative Code.

Resources for Instructors:


Step-by-Step Guide for Addressing Academic Misconduct


Sanction Options, Determination, & Reporting Structure


Template for Misconduct Report

Final Step: Report Misconduct to SCCS