College Requirements

College of Education and Professional Studies

Admission to Teacher Education

Application for admission to teacher education is made through the Dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies. Students should begin the admission to teacher education process when they have completed 40 semester credits of course work.

Students in the middle/secondary education program must be admitted to teacher education before they are permitted to enroll in the following methods courses: TED 420, TED 422 and the appropriate methods course(s) in the major(s) and/or minor(s) TED 429-441.

For students in the elementary education program, admission to teacher education is a prerequisite for enrollment in the following Block I courses: TED 312, TED 315, TED 317.

Students majoring in agricultural education apply for admission to teacher education through the department of agricultural education.

Admission to Teacher Education is based on requirements of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and the College of Education and Professional Studies.

Current information is available in the student handbook and on the college website. Students are responsible for checking the website for the information they will need.

Praxis I Preprofessional Skills Test (PPST) Requirement: The Praxis I (PPST) is generally taken during your first or second year of college. You must pass all sections of the Praxis I (PPST) before you can be admitted into the Teacher Education program.

Appeal Procedures for Admission to Teacher Education
Admission to Student Teaching or Interning
Admission to Social Work





Communication Sciences and Disorders

Emphases in the Minor:

  • Early Childhood
  • School Age Adult


Elementary Education


Recommended Minors:

Other Acceptable Minors:

Health and Human Performance


Secondary Education

Approved Minors Notes:
1-Cooperatives. Wisconsin law requires that teachers of economics, social studies and agriculture complete adequate instruction in consumers’ cooperatives and cooperative marketing. Students in agriculture can satisfy this requirement by successful completion of AGEC 240 or 355. Students in economics and social sciences can satisfy this requirement by successful completion of TED 433 or AGEC 240 or 355.

2-If you are interested in teaching economics, geography, history, political science, psychology or sociology, please see Social Science, Broad Field.


Approved Majors:
Early Adolescence - Adolescence (EA-A) Programs, teaching ages 11-21 years.

Comprehensive Majors:


Approved Minors:

Early Childhood - Adolescence (EC-A) Programs, teaching a variety of ages in school settings

Comprehensive Majors:



Social Work


  • BSW degree program