Degree Requirements

Health and Physical Education Major

Health and Physical Education Major

General Education Requirements - 31 Credits (3 credits overlap)

As listed with the following exceptions:
CW, ENGL 100
CS, COMS 101
CA, ENGL 200
M, MATH 126, 146, 147, 149, 156, 166, 216, 226, 246, PSYC 201
S/SL, BIOL 101, PHYS 114
EC, ESM 105
HW, P E 108

Major Requirements - 100 Credits


Required Courses: 20 Credits

TED 100  Introduction to Teaching 3 cr. 
P ED 172 Instructional Strategies 1    1 cr.
P ED 243 Motor Learning and Development 3 cr.
P ED 300 Adapted Physical Education 3 cr.
P ED 305 Developmental and Adapted Physical Education 3 cr.
P ED 213 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries  2 cr.
P ED 372 Instructional Strategies II 2 cr.
P ED 455 Organization and Administration of Physical Education 3 cr.


Activity Courses: 17 Credits

P ED 230 Rhythms and Educational Gymnastics 3 cr.
P ED 265 Physical Activities I 3 cr.
P ED 266 Physical Activities II 3 cr.
P ED 275 Leadership in School-Based Adventure Education 3 cr.
EXSS 266 Aerobic Exercise Leadership 2 cr.
EXSS 465 Scientific Principles of Strength and Conditioning 3 cr.


Health: 25 Credits

SFED 212 First Aid/CPR Instructor 1 cr.
HEAL 262 Applied Anatomy and Exercise Physiology 3 cr.
HEAL 269 Wellness 3 cr.
HEAL 315 Nutrition 3 cr.
HEAL 330 Safe and Emotionally Healthy Schools and Communities 3 cr.
HEAL 350 Community Health 3 cr.
HEAL 460 Teaching of Family Life and Sexuality Education 3 cr.
HEAL 467 Measurement, Evaluation, Assessment 3 cr.
ESM 105 Environmental Studies (ec)
or ESM 300 Environmental Education (ec)  3 cr.


Professional Education: 38 Credits

SPED 330 Introduction to Special Education 3 cr.
TED 250 Educational Psychology for Teachers 3 cr.
TED 252 Multicultural Education (d)  3cr.
TED 421 Student Teaching Seminar 3 cr.
TED 422 Sec. School & Content Area Reading 3 cr.
TED 425 Techniques of Elementary Education Physical Education 3 cr.
TED 429 Techniques of Health Education 3 cr.
TED 435 Techniques of Middle/Secondary Education: Physical Ed. 3 cr.
TED 472 Student Teaching    10 cr.

Department of Health and Human Performance

Falcon Center
A156, HHP Suite

Chair-  Paul Shirilla,  Faculty - Jeff Berkhof, Kristen Csiacsek, Patti Ford, Steve Freeman, Stacy Furness, Joe O'Kroy, Zack Rourk, Jodee Schaben, Greg Ruegsegger, Matt Walker, Jake Wissing

In addition to the health and physical education major, the health and human performance department offers majors in Exercise and Sport Science and Health and Wellness Management.

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to enjoy the opportunities provided through minors in health, coaching, or outdoor education

An adapted physical education minor is also available for students seeking K-12 physical education certification or for teachers who are already certified in K-12 physical education. it is highly encouraged for undergraduates to obtain the adapted physical education minor