Adapted Physical Education K-12 Minor

Adapted Physical Education Minor

23 Total Credits

P ED 243 Motor Learning and Development 3cr.
P ED 300 Adapted Physical Education 3 cr.
P ED 305 Developmental Adapted Physical Education 3 cr.
P ED 344 Teaching Adapted Aquatics 2 cr.
P ED 370 Adapted Physical Education Practicum 3 cr.
P ED 420 Disability and Physical Activity Implications
P ED 421 Teaching Sport to Individuals with Disabilities
SPED 330 The Exceptional Child 3 cr.

Department of Health and Human Performance

Falcon Center
A156, HHP Suite

Chair-  Paul Shirilla,  Faculty - Jeff Berkhof, Kristen Csiacsek, Ken Ecker, Patti Ford, Steve Freeman, Stacy Furness, Cindy Holbrook, Joe O'Kroy, Robert Ritzer, Jodee Schaben, Katie Vera, Matt Walker, Dana Zimmerman

The Adapted Physical Education minor is for students seeking teacher certification to meet the needs of students with disabilities within Physical Education. This certification is an "add-on" minor for Physical Education-Comprehensive K-12 Physical Education (teacher certifiable) major as part of the baccalaureate program or as a post-baccalaureate program. It is not a stand-alone minor for students seeking any other major. The undergraduate Health and Physical Education Major must complete the PED 370 Adapted Physical Education Practicum course PRIOR to student teaching.