Broad Field Social Studies Major

Broad Field Social Studies Major—History Emphasis

138 Total Credit Hours

History Emphasis Requirements: 33 credit hours

  1. History core:
    HIST 102 History of the Modern World, 1500-Present
    HIST 215 United States History to 1865
    HIST 216 U.S. History from 1865
    HIST 485 History Seminar
  2. Non-western history (choose one of the following, 3 credits):
    HIST 201 Introduction to Asian Civilization (g)
    HIST 202 Introduction to Latin American Civilizations (g)
    HIST 203 The Mediterranean: A Survey (g)
    HIST 209 Introduction to African History (g)
  3. U.S. history (300-level or above): two courses
  4. World history (300-level or above): two courses
  5. Environmental history: HIST 365 American Environmental History
  6. Elective (300-level or above): one course

Social Studies Requirements: 27 credit hours

  1. Required core:
    BFSS 200 Introduction to Social Science for Teachers
    BFSS 400 Curriculum Development for Social Studies
  2. Distribution non-history courses:
    SOCI 100 Introduction to Sociology
    POLS 230 Introduction to Political Philosophy and Ideology or POLS 114 American Government and Politics
    POLS 260 Introduction to International Relations (g)
    ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics or ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics
  3. Electives: three courses

Education Requirements: 43 credit hours

  1. Education
    TED 120 Intro to Education and Instructional Technology
    TED 212 Educational Psychology: Middle & Secondary Education
    TED 252 Foundations of Multicultural Education (d) (American Cultural Diversity)
    TED 414 Development of the Transcescent
    TED 420 School & Society
    SPED 330 Introduction to Special Education
    TED 473 Student Teaching: Middle School/TED 474 Student Teaching: Secondary Education (12 cr. Total Student Teaching)
  2. Block - You should take "block" classes in the fall semester of your senior year.
    TED 433 Techniques in Social Studies
    TED 463 Content Area Literacy in Middle & Secondary School Social Science
    TED 466 Management Strategies for the Secondary Social Science Classroom
    BFSS 400 Curriculum Development for Social Studies

General Education Requirements: 35 credit hours

GOAL 1 Communication:
ENGL 100 Academic Reading/ Writing
COMS 101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
ENGL 200 Investigating Ideas: Reading, Writing, and the Disciplines


  1. Social and behavioral sciences:
    HIST 101 Origins of Civilization
    PSYC 101 General Psychology
  2. Humanities and fine arts:
    ART 100 Intro to Visual Art, MUS 100 Understanding Music, or DANC 100 Dance Appreciation (3 cr. total)
    ENGL 105 Literature and Human Experience, ENGL 106 Literature: Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama, or ENGL 107 Heroes in Literature (3 cr. total)

GOAL 3 Math and science:
MATH 126 Activities in Math
BIOL 100 Introduction to Biology
GEOG 110 Physical Environment: Patterns & Systems

GOAL 5 Individual responsibility to self, society, world:
PE 108 or HEAL 269
Ethical citizenship - choose one course from this complete list

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Department of History and Philosophy

307 Kleinpell Fine Arts
Zhiguo Yang, Director

The Broad Field Social Studies (BFSS) degree is the preferred degree for secondary teaching in the area of social studies. This degree offers many options and great versatility. The program requires that the student have a concentration (a major) in one of the social sciences and then additional work in the other social sciences.

General Education Requirements

Social and Behavioral Science:
BS Education majors as listed.