Degree Requirements

Modern Language Major


Modern Language Major - Liberal Arts: 34 Total Credits

Spanish Option-Liberal Arts

Required Courses: 19 cr. hrs.

SPAN 102 Beginning Spanish II 4
SPAN 201 Intermediate Spanish I 3
SPAN 202 Intermediate Spanish II 3
SPAN 301 Conversation and Composition I 3
SPAN 302 Conversation and Composition II 3
SPAN 401 Advanced Spanish Communication 3
Directed Electives: 15 cr. hrs
Select 6 credits from:

SPAN 341 Spanish Civilization to 1800 3
SPAN 342 Spanish Civilization 1800 to Present 3
SPAN 345 Latin American Civilization to 1800 3
SPAN 346 Latin American Civilization 1800 to Present 3
MODL 376 Mexico: A Culture Experience 3
MODL 379 Internship in Modern Language 2-3 

Note: Majors may take either

MODL 379 or  MODL 376, but not both

Select 6 credits from either Category A or B:

Category A:
SPAN 351 Survey of Spanish Literature -Siglo de Oro 3
SPAN 352 Survey of Spanish Literature-Generation of 1898 to Present 3
SPAN 355 Survey of Latin American Literature- Conquest to Independence 3
SPAN 356 Survey of Latin American Literature- Independence to Present 3

Category B:

SPAN 371 Business and Culture in the Hispanic World 3
SPAN 372 Spanish for the trades and Professions 3
SPAN 373 Spanish Translation for the Professions 3
SPAN 374 Spanish Professional Writing 3

Select 3 credits from:
SPAN 452 Advanced Spanish Literature 3
SPAN 455 Advanced Latin American Literature 3

Spanish Education

Spanish Option-Education

Complete Spanish Major Liberal Arts Option with
Required Supporting courses not part of major: 7 cr. hrs.

SPAN 350 Spanish Phonetics 3
TED 437 Techniques of Middle/Secondary Education: Modern Language 2
TED 448 Techniques of Elementary Education: Modern Language 2

Department of Modern Language

284 Kleinpell Fine Arts


  • Cecilia Bustamante
  • Kristine Butler
  • Juan Carlos Chavez
  • Peter Johanssen
  • Terrence Mannetter
  • Sandra Soares

The Modern Language Department offers a major in Modern Language-Spanish. This program leads to a B.A. or B.S. degree in liberal arts or a B.S. degree in secondary education. Additional options include: minors in Spanish and Asian Studies (interdisciplinary) as well as two years of Chinese and Japanese coursework. 

Students who have studied a modern language in high school should take the Wisconsin Modern Language Placement Test, offered in spring Regional Testing and during all registration periods. Students may test out of up to fourteen credits. Test-out credits are not granted until the student completes the next level course with the grade of B- or better.

General Education Requirements

BA and BS Liberal Arts majors as listed for CAS;
BS Education majors as listed for CEPS.