Degree Requirements

Psychology Minor

Psychology Minor: 24 Total Credits

Required Courses: 9 cr. hrs.
PSYC 101 General Psychology 3 cr.
(credits can be counted in general education)
PSYC 201 Behavioral Statistics 3 cr.
(credits can be counted in general education)
PSYC 216 Research Methods (writing intensive) 3 cr.

Electives: 15 cr. hrs.
Additional courses in Psychology

Sociology majors with a minor in psychology who have taken SOCI 300 Research Methods may substitute another psychology course for the PSYC 216 requirement.

Department of Psychological Sciences

151 Centennial Science Hall

Faculty - Dr. Melanie Ayres - Chair, Dr. James Cortright, Dr. Daniel Ehlinger, Dr. Katie Huber, Dr. Abigail Jackson, Dr. Cyndi Kernahan, Dr. Travis Tubré, Dr. Todd Wilkinson; Christopher Whelan - Instructional Academic Staff; Jody Sather-Department Assistant.

The vision of the Department of Psychological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls is to continue providing students with a solid foundation in psychology and/or neuroscience. We seek to achieve regional and national recognition by offering excellent teaching, fostering research and dissemination of results, promoting global and multicultural perspectives, and preparing alumni for graduate study and professional careers. We will cultivate ethical and social development through our curriculum, student organizations, and community service.