Degree Requirements

Journalism Studies Minor

Journalism Studies Minor 24 cr.

Core Requirements 15 cr.
JOUR 110 Principles and Ethics of Journalism 6 cr.
JOUR 240 Introduction to Visual Communication 3 cr.
JOUR 340 Media Management for News Entrepreneurs 3 cr.
JOUR 465 Mass Communication Law 3 cr.
Directed Electives: Select three from the following: 9 cr.
JOUR 250 The First Amendment in American Society 3 cr.
JOUR 302 History of Documentary 3 cr.
JOUR 305 News in Popular Culture 3 cr.
JOUR 315 Race, Class and News 3 cr.
JOUR 316 Media Ethics 3 cr.
JOUR 319 The Media and American Politics 3 cr.
JOUR 345 History of Mass Communication 3 cr.
JOUR 350 Mass Communication in the Global Age 3 cr.
JOUR 455 Mass Media and Society 3 cr.

Required supporting course: 3 cr.
JOUR 101 Introduction to Mass Communication 3 cr.
(Note that the course also fulfills the General Education ethical citizenship requirement.)

Journalism Program

310 North Hall

Sandra Ellis-chair, Andris Straumanis. Adjuncts: Richard Burgsteiner, Michael Dorsher.