Degree Requirements

Elementary Education Major

*Elementary Education Major: 73 Total Credits

Education Foundation: 12 credits
TED 100 Introduction To Teaching 3 cr.
TED 250 Educational Psychology for Teachers 3 cr.
TED 252 Foundations of Diversity and Equity in Education 3 cr.
SPED 330 Introduction to Special Education 3 cr.

Specific Elementary Major Content Coursework: 16 credits

ESM 300 Environmental Education 3 cr.
HEAL 361 Methods and Materials in Health for the Elementary Teacher 3 cr.
MATH 247 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II 4 cr.
TED 255 Children's and Adolescent Literature or ENGL 250 Literature for Children 3 cr.
TED 265 Fine Arts for Elementary Teacher 3 cr. 

Elementary Block Methods Program: 33 credits
(all classes must be taken together during the same semester)

EC and Middle Level
TED 301 General Early Childhood Methods 3 cr.
TED 309 Instructional Methods for Early Readers and Writers 3 cr.
TED 414 General Middle School Methods 3 cr.

Block I
TED 312 Teaching of Science PreK-9 4 cr.
TED 315 Teaching of Math PreK-9 4 cr.
TED 313 Literacy 2: Instructional Methods for Intermediate Readers and Writers 4 cr.

Block II
TED 311 Teaching of Social Studies PK-9 4 cr.
TED 314 Assessing and Differentiating Literacy Instruction 4 cr.
TED 318 Differentiating and Managing the Culturally Responsive Classroom 4 cr.

Student Teaching 12 credits
TED 421 Student Teaching Seminar 2 cr.
TED 472 Student Teaching: - Initial 10 cr.
TED 479 K-12 Internship Teaching 10 cr.
TED 474 Student Teaching - COST 10 cr.

Required Supporting Courses which may be applied toward General Education: 16 cr. hrs.
COMS 101 Foundations of Oral  Communication 3 cr.
ART 100 Introduction to Visual Arts 3 cr.
MUS 100 Understanding Music 3 cr.
HIST 100 Themes in US History 3 cr.
MATH 246  Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I 4 cr. 

Department of Teacher Education

257 Walker Wyman Education



Admission to the Educator Preparation Program (EPP) is required the semester prior to enrolling in the Block courses. See the Degree Requirements by College for a complete list of requirements for admission.

The techniques blocks give students the opportunity to spend approximately 300 contact hours, three days per week, for two semesters in public schools with this innovative instructional program. The Blocks consist of the following courses:
Block I: TED 312 (science), TED 313 (literacy), TED 315 (math)  12 cr. hrs.
Block II: TED 311 (social studies), TED 314 (language arts), TED 318 (differentiating)  12 cr. hrs.

The four-year curriculum is designed to prepare a student for a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education.  The program consists of a minimum of 132 semester hours that give students a broad general education, professional preparation for effective teaching at the elementary education level, and special preparation in an academic minor. Upon completion of these requirements, the elementary education major is licensable in Wisconsin to teach Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence, Regular Education. The addition of the Early Childhood minor meets requirements for an Early Childhood through Middle Childhood, Regular Education license in the state of Wisconsin.