Degree Requirements

Health and Wellness Management Major

Degree Requirements, 61 Total Credits

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management consists of 21 required courses; there are no electives in the program. To see course descriptions and schedule, select the course number.

HWM 300 Introduction to Human Health
HWM 305 The Wellness Profession
HWM 310 Changes Across the Life Span
HWM 315 Resource Management for Wellness Managers
HWM 320 Health and Medical Terminology
HWM 325 Health Literacy
HWM 335 Worksite Health Environment
HWM 345 Physical Activity and Nutrition for Wellness Managers
HWM 350 Research and Statistics for Wellness Managers
HWM 360 Stress and Dependencies and Addictions
HWM 370 Understanding and Effecting Health Behavior Change
HWM 385 Marketing and Communication for Wellness Managers
HWM 405 Survey of Information Technology in Wellness
HWM 430 Population Health for Wellness Managers
HWM 460 Leadership and Change Management in Health
HWM 470 Assessment and Evaluation for Wellness Managers
HWM 480 Employee Benefits for Wellness Managers
HWM 485 Health Coaching for Wellness Managers
HWM 493: Health and Wellness Management Fieldwork Prep
HWM 494: Health and Wellness Management Fieldwork
HWM 496 Health and Wellness Capstone


Some of the courses above require the following prerequisites.

  • Introduction to Psychology (UWRF PSYC 101 or equivalent)
  • Introduction to Biology (UWRF BIOL 100 or 150 or equivalent)
  • Introduction to Public Speaking (UWRF COMS 101 or CSTA 101 or equivalent)
  • Composition II (UWRF ENGL 200 or equivalent)

General Education and University Requirements

Students wishing to enter this program should have completed the prerequisites listed above and earned an Associates of Arts degree or have completed close to 60 college-level semester credits with a 2.0 or better grade point average (GPA).  

To meet all graduation requirements, students must:

  • complete all UW-River Falls general education and university requirements;
  • successfully complete all Health and Wellness Management courses with a grade of C or better; and
  • earn a minimum of a 2.250 GPA in their Health and Wellness Management courses.

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Academic Director: Jodee Schaben

Program Manager: Angela Whitaker

The Health and Wellness Management major is housed in the College of Education and Professional Studies.

Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Health and Wellness Management is a collaborative effort with UW-Extension which will equip students with the skills necessary to design, develop, implement, and maintain health and wellness programs in the workplace. This degree program helps students learn more about the seven dimensions of wellness and how they affect our lives and well-being.

Information on our online, graduate degree is available at the Master of Science in Health and Wellness Management web page.