A portfolio is a collection of artifacts about you that demonstrate your employment-related experience, skills and abilities. These items are either gathered into binders, or are made available through a personalized web portfolio. When used properly, the most effective opportunity to introduce a portfolio is during an interview.

Portfolios are used by professionals throughout their careers to assist in obtaining tenure, promotions, and to organize and illustrate on-the-job ideas that may require documentation, such as project proposals and funding requests.

Types of Portfolios

The most effective portfolio to use during an interview. Portfolio artifacts are held in a professional leather-bound case or three-ring binder, and organized using a table of contents and section tabs for quick navigation. 

Photocopies of your best artifacts that demonstrate your work-related experience, skills and abilities related to a position you are interviewing for. These artifacts are placed in a thin 2-pocket folder or a professional report binder with plastic cover, and are intended to be offered to the employer at the end of an interview, or used during the interview. 

Ideal for providing employers information about you either before or after an interview. Using technology during an interview is generally not appropriate and distracts from two-way communication between the interviewer and interviewee.

Most web hosting providers offer web design templates which allow individuals to develop their own personalized website or e-portfolio. As an alternative, eFfolio Minnesota is an online portfolio tool available. Other popular free websites include and

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