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 Professional Networking

When you connect with professionals in your field, you are "networking". Learning how to meaningfully network is one of the most effective tools for being noticed by hiring managers, for growing a network of supportive professional contacts while on the job, and for sharing and learning while in your profession.

Learn ways to connect by viewing our Networking and Informational Interviews handout.

Video on professional networking

How to Connect with Professionals
  • Using the personal network you already have with friends, family and prior employers is a good place to start - can they connect you with someone in your field?
  • UWRF faculty in your field of study are an invaluable resource for finding opportunities to connect with professionals in your field.
  • Joining campus organizations related to your field of study and actively participating in their activities will connect you to peers who may be long-term professional contacts and friends.
  • Gaining experiences in your field of study through on-campus work, internships, volunteering, part-time work, and summer work is a great way to meet professionals in your field. Such experiences often lead to full-time employment opportunities.
  • Attending a conference or event is an ideal way to connect with professionals.
  • Use the UWRF LinkedIn Mentor Network to connect with professionals who have volunteered to speak with UWRF students about their career path and field of work.

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