Sport Club Practice and Home Contest Schedule

Sport Clubs

Handbook - Coming Soon

Participation/Liability Waiver

  • All Sport Club participants must complete prior to practicing or competing with a club.

Travel Itinerary (Pre-Travel Report)

  • Travel Itinerary should be completed prior to your club leaving River Falls for a trip.
  • Do not forget to submit a Travel Roster prior to departure.  Please send to

Post-Travel Report

  • Post-Travel should be completed within 24 hours of your team returning to River Falls after a trip.

Fundraiser Notification

  • Fundraiser Notificatios should be filled out after any funding is raised by your club; including team dues.

Community Service Notification

  • Community Services Notification should be filled out after your team completes Community Service hours.

Emergency/One-Shot Funding Request

  • Emergency Funding Requests may be submitted at any point throughout the year for emergency reasons.
  • One-Shot Funding Requests are due on October 5, 2018 for the Fall semester and February 8, 2019 for the Spring semester.

Annual Budget Worksheet

  • Each club must complete during the budget workshops at the beginning of the Spring semester.  Budget worksheets are due on Friday, February 22nd at 12pm.

New Sport Club Request

  • Student Organization who have full recognition from UWRF for one academic year are elibigle to apply for Sport Club status.
  • Applications are due on Friday, March 8th for the 2019-20 academic year.
  • Clubs should also plan to attend the Sport Club Budget Meetings if they would like an annual budget for 2019-20.

End of the Year Report - Coming Soon

  • Reports can be completed any after the club has completed all activities for the year or by May 15th, whichever is earlier.

Sport Club Fall 2018 Training PowerPoint