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Personal Training

Campus Recreation now offers Personal Training packages and additional services including program design, fitness assessment, and consultations. Please fill out the request form to get the process started.

Campus Rec Personal Trainer Request Form

If you have any questions prior to filling out the form please contact the Fitness and Recreation Coordinator, Chad Flanagan, at

Personal Training Packages
  Single (1 on 1)   Small Group (2-3)
  5 Sessions 10 Sessions   5 Sessions 10 Sessions
Student $100 $150 Student $75 $100
Faculty/Staff $175 $300 Faculty/Staff $150 $250
Community $200 $350 Community $175 $300

*Fitness Assessment and Consultation are included with purchase of any package

Additional Offerings
  Fitness Assessment Program Design
Student $15 $20
Faculty/Staff $20 $25
Community $25 $30


Client Testimonials

I know plenty of people who have success exercising regularly on their own. I’m just not one of them. I get a more efficient, challenging, and safe workout when someone is there guiding the process. There’s also the benefit of being held accountable for my workouts (or lack thereof) that motivates me to be consistent in my activity levels. It’s also more fun to have workouts that change intensity and type to keep me engaged with the process instead of falling into a workout rut.

My routine is tied to the goals I created with my trainer at the start of the program. Your trainer will make a plan with you based on your fitness level, goals, and the amount of time you are able to dedicate to exercise.

I have specific goals for the time that I spend each week on exercise. It fits within my schedule and accommodates days where fitting in a workout is hard, such as family commitments or travel for work.

What I didn’t expect when I started was that I would also spend significant time each week stretching and working on recovery exercises. These exercises have prevented any discomfort/pain and have improved my flexibility and posture. I am definitely not limping around like I thought I would be!

I would say about ninety percent of my success in this program comes from creating an eating plan that works for me and following it consistently. Training alone would not have made the same impact. I needed to change some of my food-related beliefs and habits.

You will work with your trainer to come up with an eating plan and review it regularly. You will determine what you eat each day and are held accountable for the contents of your food log.

The plan I am currently working with is incredibly flexible and doesn’t require lots of extra work or any specialty foods. Some of the changes, such as significantly increasing my water intake, are very simple and easy to do. I can say with confidence that I now spend less time thinking about or worrying over food.

There is nothing that I’m forbidden from eating (but again, weigh-ins and reviews of my food log are major motivators to keep my consumption to a reasonable amount).

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