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Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series

DESCRIPTION: The Wisconsin Indoor Climbing Series is an annual circuit of 6 climbing competitions held on UW and UM campuses. The mission of WICS is to promote and support the growth of the Midwest climbing community by fostering connections and building relationships through collaborative efforts and the spirit of competition.

COST: All WICS competitions follow the same pricing structure. UW and UM students register for $30, all others pay $35. 

ELIGIBILITY: This series is open to any interested climber, not just UW and UM students. All skill levels are welcome to compete! There are no age requirements for participation. 

INDIVIDUALS: WICS competitions are open to any individual climber who would like to compete. Individual competitors will earn points at each competition and their top three scores will be counted towards their series total.

TEAMS: The following criteria must be met to be considered a team:

  1. Must be comprised of at least 3 individuals
  2. Members must be comprised from the same organization (same school, club, gym etc.)
  3. Must consist of at least one member of the opposite gender

Teams compete and score just like individuals do. Team scores will be comprised of the top three scores from individuals on that team. The top 3 comp scores from each team will be used to determine their series total. The top team for the season will win the WICS Rock!


COMPETITION FORMAT(S): The climbing format at each competition is determined solely by the hosting organization. Typically, competition hosts offer three skill brackets: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Depending on the host, competitors can either choose their bracket, or may be placed based on their score. Typically, comps are onsight format, meaning scores can only be earned if a route/problem is climbed without falling and without beta.

REGISTRATION: All competitors will register with the individual host. Registration links will be added here as they become available. Series registration is free and linked to comp registration.

  • Individuals: Anyone who registers a score for a comp will be entered into the series standing.
  • Teams: Team members must designate their team affiliation when filling out their score card for a WICS climbing competition. This will count their score towards the team score.

SCORING AND STANDINGS:  WICS scoring is separate and most likely different than that of a local competition. WICS will recognize the overall top three co-rec teams and male and female climbers. Participating WICS events will provide an overall ranking of the male and female climbers to the WICS board within one week following the event. The top finisher in each division will earn 100 points, second place 90 points and so on using the scoring chart below. Standings will be updated once comp results are submitted.

1st - 100 points

6th - 65 points

11th - 40 points

16th - 15 points

2nd - 90 points

7th - 60 points

12th - 35 points

17th - 10 points

3rd - 80 points

8th - 55 points

13th - 30 points

18th - 5 points

4th - 75 points

9th - 50 points

14th - 25 points

19th - 2 points

5th - 70 points

10th - 45 points

15th - 20 points

20th(+) -  point

TEAM RANK:  Team rankings will be calculated using the teams top three climbers based on their WICS points. Each team must include at least one member of the opposite gender (2M:1F or 2F:1M).

In the event of a tie, the team with the highest-ranking 4th team member will break the tie. If each team does not have a 4th member, the average score of the top three-team members will be calculated. The team with the highest per climber average will be the winner.

SERIES CHAMPIONS:  The top three event scores for each team/individual will be combined and placed from highest to lowest. The team/individual with the most overall points will be the winner of the series.

AWARDS:  The top team will receive a traveling trophy, to be awarded to the sponsoring organization.  The top 3 male and female climbers will win individual awards.




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