Rules And Policies

General Rules

Sportsmanship Policy

Sportsmanship is an important part of Intramural participation. The Sportsmanship Policy is designed to encourage enjoyable recreation experiences for all participants and officials. Sportsmanship includes respect demonstrated towards officials, opponents, rules, equipment and facilities. Each team will receive a copy of the policy at the pre-season Captains meeting. Teams will be evaluated on their sportsmanship (points and description below) which may affect future play for both the playoffs and other intramural leagues or recreational activities. Captains are responsible for the conduct of their teams.

*Note: These ratings are based on officials' interpretation of sportsmanship demonstrated by teams and spectators before, during end after each game.

5. Model sportsmanship: No arguing or complaining by any of the players.  Any questions directed to officials are done by the captains only and in a civil manner (no sarcasm).

4. A "normal" intramural game:  Some bickering by teams, but nothing out of the ordinary.  No technical fouls or unsportsmanlike penalties are administered but the officials may give warnings.

3. Sportsmanship infractions: "One bad apple ruins it for the bunch:"

Constant complaining during the game

Any technical foul is given.  These infractions include, but are not limited to, based on the judgment of the officials:

  • Slamming ball
  • Any over-the-line act of emotion
  • Swearing (even when just frustrated with self)
  • Dunking in the small gym
  • Hanging on the rim (exception: to avoid injury)
  • Removing or throwing one's jersey
  • Intentional fouls
  • Intentionally slapping the backboard
  • Warnings for trash-talking or taunting
  • Intentional acts of deception
  • Problems with team spectators

2. Team Becoming a problem:

  • Captain losing control of team and/or captain is part of the problem.  Teams are beginning to worry more about bickering with officials than playing the game.  Official stops game to issue a team warning.
  • A combination of two or more issues from a "3" Sportsmanship Rating may result in a "2" rating at the officials' discretion
  • Player is caught playing under an assumed name.
  • A player is ejected (must leave the facility immediately)
  • A player punts the ball
  • A player maliciously throws the ball onto another court
  •   The ejected player will be suspended for at least one game. The ejected player must meet with the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports before being allowed to play again and may receive a suspension of longer than one game.

1. Team is a problem:
  • Ejected player refuses to leave the facility
  • Instances include multiple players being ejected
  • A team accumulating 3 technical/sportsmanship penalties in the game
  • A fight breaks out
  • Physical contact, threats, and/or attempts to injure other participants or intramural staff.

Team Name Policy

UWRF Intramurals reserves the right to change names of teams deemed offensive or inappropriate. Profanity will not be tolerated. 

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