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Group Fitness & Wellness Classes

Classes available to current UWRF students and faculty & staff only.
Must provide a valid UWRF ID. Attendance is free! No pre-registration necessary.


Beginner Tai Chi

Learn slow, meditative movements for relaxation and focus.

Fall Session: 9/10/14 - 12/10/14

Day: Wednesdays

Time: 12:00-12:50 p.m.  

Location: Karges Dance Studio (in basement of Karges)

Advanced Tai Chi

For individuals who have done Tai Chi in the past and are ready for the next level.

Fall Session: 9/8/14-12/8/14

Day: Mondays

Time: Noon - 12:50pm

Location:  Karges Dance Studio (in basement of Karges)

Stretch + Relax

This class offers a combination of gentle stretches followed by relaxation and meditation exercises, perfect for all who would like to add a little relaxation to their afternoon.

Day: Wednesdays

Fall Session: 10/29/14 - 11/19/14

Time: 3:30 - 4:15pm

Location: Hagestad Meditation Room.


Mixed Level Yoga

No previous yoga experience necessary, this class offers a balance of flowing between poses and holding them to build strength, please bring mat or a towel (mats available for purchase). 

Day: Mondays

Fall session: 9/8/14 - 11/24/14

Time: 3:30-4:30 p.m.   

Location: Falcon's Nest, University Center


This Vinyasa style yoga is done with a slower-paced flow and is great for beginners. Postures are demonstrated and the instructor leads the flow at a deliberate pace with an emphasis on alignment and breath. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and explore the postures as they are ready. A great place to start your Yoga journey!

Day: Tuesdays

Fall Session: 9/9/14-11/18/14

Time: 3:00-4:00pm

Location: Karges Studio

Lunchtime Yoga

This yoga class involves moving through poses and linking movement with the breath to build endurance strength, & flexibility, while calming the mind, please bring mat or a towel (limited mats available).

Day: Wednesdays

Fall Session: 9/10/14-11/19/14

Time: 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Location: Hagestad Meditation Room (located around the corner from DOTS)


Yoga Flow

Alignment principles, gentle breathing, & basic poses will be taught at a slower pace for all levels, please bring mat or towel (mats available for purchase).

Day: Thursdays

Fall Session: 9/11/14 - 11/20/14

Time: 3:30 - 4:30pm

Location: Falcon's Nest, University Center




Zumba, a high-energy dance-fitness class that is designed for anyone, no matter what your dance ability may be.  The class begins with a warm-up, followed by fun routines featuring many Latin and international dance styles, and ends with a simple cool down that includes stretching.  Latin and international dance styles include Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton, Cha Cha, Samba, Bollywood and African.  Other dance styles such as Swing, Hip-Hop, and Jazz are featured along with many favorite pop culture songs and dances.  Come experience a fun, effective workout that will keep you coming back for more!

Day: Mondays

Fall sessions begin: September 8

Time: 4:45 - 5:45pm

Location: Falcons Nest, University Center


This is a class where you really can do your own thing. Resistance and degree of difficulty are up to you, but get ready to sweat, burn calories, and work those muscles! Cycling classes are always the place to be for a killer cardio workout and each 60 minute session is geared to offer results to seasoned athletes and beginners alike. Whether climbing hills, powering flat road, or sprinting home, this class offers a variety of fun music and cycling routines. Be prepared for a great workout! 

Day: Tuesdays

Fall sessions begin: October 7

Time: 6:15 - 7:15am

Location: Knowles Center

Butts + Guts

Tone up from head to toe and everywhere in between with this high intensity class that's guaranteed to get your heart rate up and burn those muscles.


Fall sessions begin: September 8

Time: 8:30 - 9:30pm

Location: Emogene Nelson

Step Aerobics

Up and down, all around. Burn calories while dancing and having fun! Step aerobics is proven to burn 700-1000 calories per hour! Get to it and step on up!

Day: Wednesday

Fall sessions begin: September 10

Time: 8:00 - 9:00am

Location: Emogene Nelson


Tabata training is one of the most effective types of high intensity interval training. Through a variety of simple, yet intense exercises, each class will blast the calories and provide noticeable results in a short amount of time. Whether your goal is muscle tone, weight loss, or both, this class will provide you with what you are looking for.

Day: Thursdays

Fall sessions begin:
September 11

Time: 6:30 - 7:30pm

Location: Emogene Nelson

For more wellness events visit the Student Health and Counseling page.

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