Procedures to Initiate an Internship

  1. Contact your Department Internship Coordinator to initiate the process for obtaining college credit for an internship. In almost all instances this contact person will be the internship coordinator in your major or minor department.
  2. Find an Internship. Some departments post approved internships for their students to view, while other departments require that a student find their own internship and present it to a department's Internship Coordinator to determine the internship's eligibility for college credit.
    FAQ: Should I be paid hourly and for overtime as an intern?
  3. Preparation to Compete for an Internship. Landing the best and most competitive internships require that candidates prepare an excellent resume and cover letter, research the employer, practice interviewing techniques, dress well for the interview, and have effective follow-up communication with employers. These tools and skills may be mastered through utilizing resources and services at UWRF Career Services.
  4. Register for Credit. All internships must be taken for college credit to be considered a valid UWRF internship, as specific learning outcomes must be met by the experience and approved by UWRF.