Stage And Screen Arts

Laptop and Software Requirements

Affected SASA Classes

SASA  260, 303, 360, 460, and 490

Commencing in Spring 2021, students seeking coursework in Screen Arts will be required to have a laptop capable of running specified Adobe software.

Laptop Specifications

Applications heavily used:

• Adobe Premiere Pro
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Photoshop

Other software will also be used. System Requirements for Adbe software can be found on the Adobe website:

Use the Recommended Specifications for Premiere Pro. A laptop with minimum requirements will work, but much more slowly, and you will be frustrated. 


Software Requirement


Students will need a subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud in order to access Adobe software on their laptops. 

Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions can be purchased online from Adobe:

Make sure to select the student plan to access the student discount - sign up with your UWRF email address.



Financial Aid

You may be eligible to use Financial
Aid toward the purchase of a laptop. 

Fill out this form if you need help buying your laptop.

Computer Expense Form

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