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Equipment Cage

The Equipment Cage is where students of specific SASA and ART classes can check out video, photography and audio recording equipment as well as lighting gear and other accessories. 

The Equipment Cage is located in KFA 112.

Read these policies before reserving gear:

Terms and Conditions for Equipment Usage and Care

  • You are is financially responsible for borrowed equipment and a hold may be placed on your records and/or a fee may be incurred for any late, damaged, or missing equipment.
  • Late returns may also result in the loss of privileges to check out equipment from the Equipment Cage.
  • When checking out equipment, you must verify (before leaving the equipment room) that: The equipment is in proper operating condition, no parts are missing from the equipment kit/list, andyou must report any discrepancies or shortages before leaving with the equipment.
  • When returning equipment, you are expected to confirm that nothing is missing from the equipment kit/list. If you have experienced technical problems with your equipment, you must notify cage employees upon return of the equipment.
  • Your request for equipment maybe denied if the equipment requested is not for the courses you are enrolled in, is no longer available, your request is for an unreasonable quantity or duration, or for any other reason deemed appropriate by the Equipment Cage employees.




For fastest service, please request equipment at a minimum of several hours in advance on our online equipment checkout system, LibCal:

Walk-ins are allowed, but will take longer as we have to have time to process the order. We highly recommend requesting online well in advance instead - your time is valuable to us and we would like to have it ready for you when you come! Questions about equipment? Feel free to email the cage at:

You will need your UWRF Student ID present to pick equipment up at the cage.


Cage Hours:

Fall 2023

Monday: 12 pm - 4 pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 1 pm - 5 pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 2 pm - 6 pm

KFA 112

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