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Student Handbook

The Student Handbook outlines the structure and policies of the department and contains valuable information for students who wish to become or are involved in the Stage and Screen Arts majors and minors. We ask that all students read this handbook carefully.



Involvement Agreement

Participating in a SASA production is a great way to get more out of your education at UWRF. We encourage students to get involved - acting, designing, run crew, producing - all of these are important ways to learn hands-on. But it's also important to strike a balance between your work on shows or other productions and your classwork. If you are participating in a SASA production, print, read and sign this Involvement Agreement Form.

Involvement Agreement


Student Bio Form

This form is for you to fill out when you are particiapting in a production. Some or all of this information will be included in programs for performances. When you fill this out, list your name exactly as you wish it to appear, and keep things brief. 

Student Bio Form


Event Submission/Space Reservation Forms

There are two different space reservation forms that can be used to reserve space in the theatres or other SASA controlled areas (including classrooms 119 and 112).

For a full-fledged production like a Masquers show, use the Event Submission Form. The season calendar for the next academic year will be decided in February - get your event submission form in by the beginning of February.

Event Submission Form


For recurring meetings, special events, one-off performances where sets or costumes won't be needed, or other short-term uses, use the SASA Space Reservation Form. These are due four weeks prior to when the space is needed.

SASA Space Reservation Form

Stage and Screen Arts Program Mission

The mission of the Stage and Screen Arts Program is to help students become critical thinkers and creative problem solvers by helping them acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and understandings needed to create compelling works for the purpose of entertainment and/or enlightenment through the stage and screen arts.

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