Cast and Crew

Pass or Fail (2015)

Sam Azasu headshot

Sam Azasu: Director and Lighting

 Donny Carufel headshot

Donny Carufel: Clapboard Operator and Marketing Specialists

Sydney Howell head shot

Sydney Howell: Producer and Marketing Coordinator

Elliot Kerr Headshot

Elliot Kerr: Writer

Justin Lund headshot

Justin Lund: Director, Editor and Lighting

Connor Nelson headshot

Connor Nelson: Audio and Marketing Coordinator

Ken P Headshot

Ken Pommerening: Writer and Actor

Tyler Saccoman headshot

Tyler Saccoman: Actor

Spencer Swanson

Spencer Swanson: Writer and Director



Joseph Rein headshot

Assistant Professor Joe Rein, Writing

Erik Johnson Headshot

Assistant Professor Erik Johnson, Post-Production

Brent Bundgaard Headshot

Brent Bundgaard: Actor

Josie Hayes

Josie Hayes: Producer, Actor, and Marketing Coordinator

Ben Jerrie headshot

Ben Jerrie: Writer

Travis Kronk headshot

Travis Kronk: Audio

Dan Mariette headshot

Dan Mariette: Director, Editor and B Camera

Eli Nord Headshot

Eli Nord: Writer and Actor

Mark Rolseth headshot

Mark Rolseth: Director of Photography

Audrie Schlecht headshot

Audrie Schlecht: Writer and Actor

Joseph Blum headshot

Instructor Joe Blum, Production

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