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Employment Opportunities

Applications are being accepted for 
Costume Lab Assistant, Scenic Lab Assistant,
Box Office Assistant, and Equipment Cage Assistant.


Position Descriptions:

Costume Lab Assistant  
The costume lab assistant works at the direction of the lab supervisor. You must have some sewing skills and experience with sewing machines (Beginning skills are acceptable, intermediate skills preferred). Each production could include a combination of alterations to existing costume pieces, construction of new costume pieces, and construction of puppets or other accessories. 

Scenic Lab Assistant 
Student Assistants in the scene lab work at the direction of the shop supervisor, the technical director, or the set designer. Shop assistants must be able to work independently and as team members.

In the scene lab you must have some experience with power tools, hand tools or painting. All scene lab student employees will complete a safety training session. Your supervisor will familiarize you with the production you are working on with the number of sets and designs to be created.  

Box Office Assistant 
Box office assistants work with and at the direction of the box office manager. This is a customer service
position. Customer service experience is preferred, but not necessary, as long as you are comfortable talking to customers in a busy box office and can learn to make change quickly. Hours are fixed around performances and include some daytime, weekend, and evenings for each performance run. You must have weeknight and weekend evening availability during the run of shows to work in this position. Each show runs either one or two weeks, and the box office is open during the day for a few hours beginning two weeks before the start of the show. There are 3-4 productions a year that require the box office to be open.

Equipment Cage Assistant 
Equipment cage assistants work at the direction of the cage manager aiding both students and faculty/staff involved in video, audio and photography production-related projects. This position requires some knowledge of DSLR cameras, lighting and audio equipment, and basic video and photography techniques.

More complete descriptions are contained in the application. Please read and follow the instructions in the application carefully.

While experience is recommended for the various positions, enthusiastic applications will also be considered. A willingness to learn and a collaborative nature are essential to successin the
Music & Stage & Screen Arts industries, and in our student employees!

Employment Application for Costume Lab and Scenic Lab
Employment Application for Equipment Cage

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