Terminating Your Lease Early


Getting evicted is NOT a good way to get out of your lease.  If you get evicted, that eviction goes on your credit record and may make it difficult for you to rent or get credit in the future.  In addition, you may still be responsible for paying rent to your landlord until the end of the lease, even if the landlord can re-rent the property.  If you are unable to remain in the rental until the end of your lease, subletting is one option you may want to investigate.  Early termination of the lease is also an option to consider.


  • A voluntary early termination of the lease can occur if the landlord and tenant mutually agree to such termination.

  • Tenants are legally responsible for rent until the premises are re-rented or the lease has expired.

  • The tenant may be liable for the landlord's reasonable costs of re-renting, depending on the terms of the lease.

  • It is strongly recommended that you seek legal advice before pursuing an early termination of your lease.

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