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Off-Campus Student Conduct


It is important to realize that even though you may be moving off campus there are consequences through the university for violations of the student code of conduct.  You are a representative of the university and your behavior is a reflection on the school.

Other potential issues to consider are violations for noise disturbances and being a nuisance. Reading city ordinances can provide you with a guide for avoiding behavior that could get you into trouble, legally and academically with the university.

Living off campus will also bring about the opportunity for having a party. While having a party in your new home may seem like a great idea, it's best to be prepared and responsible to avoid a house party gone wrong.  Your fellow students have compiled a guide to assist in planning a party with tips for avoiding citations, such as underage drinking. A ticket will not only ruin your party but can drain your wallet and tarnish your academic reputation.

If the police become involved:

  • Cooperation with the police should be your first priority in any incident where their presence is necessary.  Their priority is public safety-your safety-so cooperating ensures they can perform their duties.

  • The investigating officer may report off-campus misconduct to the university which can result in academic disciplinary action.  Use the student code of conduct link above to view the potential consequences.

  • Bad behavior off-campus can be expensive if you are ticketed by the police.  Read here to view violations and the fines assessed for making a bad choice.

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