Negotiating Your Lease

If you've found the perfect house or apartment but the rent is too high or they won't allow your pet, don't give up! You may be able to negotiate with the landlord for the type of lease agreement that would readily suit you.  Make sure you are negotiating with someone who has the authority to fulfill their promises and get everything agreed upon in writing.

  • Strategies:  Put serious thought into your negotiating strategies to get the results you want with as much ease as possible.

  • Use of Information:  The better informed you are, the more confident and assertive you can be when making a request.  Planning ahead and researching your options is very important.

  • Competition:  Knowledge of prices down the street and what is included in competitor's rental units can be a good supportive argument when negotiating with a potential landlord.  Instead of just bluntly stating the differences between rentals, ask why the differences exist and begin to chip away at the reasons.

  • Collaboration:  Play on the mutual benefits theme and make some offers.  Offer to take an older appliance to the dump if the landlord will replace it with a newer appliance.

  • What if's:  A "what if" question followed by a respectful silence can do wonders.  For example:  "What if I do the painting...." "What if I do the shoveling..."

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