If you absolutely must get out of your lease agreement early, subletting is one of your best options. When you sublet your rental, a third party known as a subtenant takes over your lease.  It is important to remember that you will be in charge of finding this subtenant and that you are not released from responsibilities of your lease if the subtenant fails to fulfill their obligations.

Steps to subletting:

  1. Check with your landlord to make sure subletting is an option. If you have roommates, discuss the idea of subletting with them and find out what they require for your future replacement.

  2. Make a sublet posting for campus bulletin boards or local papers.

  3. Interview potential candidates keeping in mind that you will be responsible for rent due if the subtenant fails to uphold their end of the agreement.

  4. You and your subtenant must fill out an agreement stating the terms of the sublease.  Your landlord may be able to provide a predrafted agreement or print one here.

  5. Before your subtenant move in, have the landlord do a walkthrough of your home so that your subtenant and not you will be held responsible for damages that occur after you leave.

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