Your Responsibilities as a Tenant


Landlords have certain responsibilities but as a tenant you have them as well.  It is important that you conform to expectations, especially if you want to remain in good standing with the property owner for a future reference. By being a good tenant, you could also avoid eviction and receive your full deposit back once you vacate the premises.  Be sure to view the municipal code for River Falls regarding occupants and read the guidelines outlined below concerning your responsibilities and the occupancy limits for tenants.

River Falls Municipal Code requires occupants to do the following:

  • Occupants are required to keep their rental unit in a clean and sanitary condition.

  • Rubbish must be disposed of in a clean an sanitary manner in the rubbish containers provided.

  • Garbage and organic waste which might provide food for rodents must be disposed of in a clean and sanitary manner in garbage disposal facilities or garbage storage containers provided.

  • Occupants must keep all plumbing fixtures clean and in sanitary condition.  You are also responsible for reasonable care in the proper use of the plumbing fixtures.

Occupancy limits:

  • Occupancy limits are dictated by the size and number of bedrooms. Maximum occupancy in an R-1 Zoning District is 4-persons, in all other zoning districts the maximum is 5-persons.

  • Check the Housing Permit card, which should be posted on site or call the City of River Falls at 715-425-0900 and ask for the inspection department to verify the occupancy limit.

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