Terms and Lease Specifications

Read through the lease thoroughly, ensuring all terms are well defined and written clearly in concise language.  If anything is unclear, do not sign the lease.  Clarify any terms and make sure they are in writing. Once your signature is on the lease you are legally bound to the terms within the lease.

These are some common issues that should be specified in the lease:

  • The amount of rent

  • The length of the rental period

  • The amount of security deposit and return date

  • Who is responsible for repairs

  • Whether subleasing is allowed, and under what terms

  • When a landlord may enter your property

Lease terms you might need to know:

  • Civil:  Non-criminal legal matters generally relating to the rights of private individuals.  Most housing disputes are handled in civil courts rather than criminal courts.

  • Constructive Eviction:  Takes place when a landlord makes a property uninhabitable or unusable for the original purposes in which the lease was signed.  For example, a tenant may vacate a property because housing standards are not being met.

  • Default:  Failure to fulfill a legal obligation such as making a required appearance at a court case or paying the agreed upon rent amount.

  • Mitigate:  Making compromises to avoid legal action.


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