Moving Out


Moving out can be overwhelming and stressful but you can vacate with ease.  Reading the following information may save you money, time, and unnecessary grief.  Be kind to yourself and your roommates by planning ahead, being organized, and by preparing for the move early.  Even if juggling finals and goodbye parties, doing one moving task each day a few weeks in advance will make the move less stressful.

  • Collect boxes and packing materials early.

  • Gradually begin deep-cleaning to reduce the stress of the final cleanup.

  •  Pack any nonessential items in advance. Submit a change of address with the USPS prior to moving.

  • Inform your employer, banks, insurance and credit card carriers, and subscription services (e.g., newspapers or magazines delivered) of your new address.

  • Set disconnect dates for your internet, phone, utilities, garbage collection, etc. in advance.

  • Set up installation of new services at your new address.

  • Arrange for help from friends and family on moving day.

  • Dig up your lease or rental agreement and check the sections that refer to your deposit.

  • Some landlords specifically require that you fill nail holes, repaint, and the like.

  • Ask your landlord if he or she will do a walk-through with you after you've moved out and cleaned; it's the best precaution against surprise deposit deductions.

  • If the landlord has a cleaning checklist, ask for a copy to refer to when cleaning.

  • Take pictures of everything once you've cleaned and your rental is empty.  It's your best defense against potential disputes with your landlord over damages!

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