Be a Better Neighbor


As a student living off campus, you are a member of a neighborhood and community.  Remaining in good standing with the community and consequently with the university is important for all students.  Below are the top ten tips to help you with successful living off campus.


  1. Get to know your neighbors.  Forming relationships with your neighbors will encourage them to engage with you before consulting the authorities.

  2. If you see a crime in progress, report it.  While this may sound like common sense advice, it is always a good idea to look out for your neighbors.  They will be more likely to look out for you, returning the favor.

  3. Adjust your behavior around neighborhood children.  More than anyone else, children will be watching and repeating what you say and do; make sure your conversations and language around children are appropriate.

  4. Keep visible property clean.  Most likely, your neighbors pay close attention to the exterior of your property.  Know your responsibilities for snow removal and ensure your sidewalks are kept clear.

  5. Keep trash contained.  Having adequate trash and recycling containers is essential.  Know your pick up days and bring empty containers back onto your property as soon as possible.

  6. Keep noise within your unit.  Keep music at a reasonable level, especially during nighttime.  If you have shared walls, remember to vacuum, exercise, etc. during the day.

  7. Your pet, your responsibility.  Keep your pet on your property or on a leash.  Keep in mind that not all people enjoy your pets and be respectful by keeping them in your space. 

  8. Have social gatherings, not parties.  There is a clear difference between hanging out with a few friends and hanging out with 50 unknown people.  If you're planning on having people over, tell your neighbors in advance and give them your number.  This allows them to contact you first rather than the police.

  9. Know community and local rules.  Each community has differing expectations for their residents.  Ask your landlord or look up local ordinances regarding parking, trash pick up, and quiet hours.

  10. Be a representative of the university at all times.  Neighbors may assume that your behavior represents the behavior of ALL university students.  You are also responsible to maintain certain behavior off-campus as stated in the student code of conduct.

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