Giving Notice


The first step in moving out will be to give your landlord notice.  You will have to read the terms in your lease to find how many days in advance of vacating this must occur.  If you have renewed a yearly lease or did a month-to-month renewal, refer to the most recent terms you've agreed upon with the landlord to find the required notice period.  Leave the premises by the date you specify to avoid a dispute with the landlord.  They can sue you for damages for staying beyond the termination date.

Notice must be given in written form, either formal or informal, with the termination date clearly specified.  You can write the letter by hand and it will still be valid.  The most important thing is that you receive proof that you have given notice within the allowed period.  You may hand deliver it to your landlord.  Bring two copies of the letter and have the landlord sign and date both.  By each of you retaining a copy, the date notice was received remains clear.  An inexpensive alternative is to send it using certified or registered mail. Mailing the notice in this manner provides you with proof of where and when you sent the notice and that it was received by the landlord.  If no required notice period is given within your lease, you must give notice you are vacating 28 days in advance.

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