Daniel Schraufnagel

Hired Before Graduation

Daniel Schraufnagel, computer science major
New Position:
Software Developer for Aladtec, Inc., in River Falls
Hometown: River Falls

Daniel Schraufnagel, a computer science major at UW-River Falls, won't have to go far for his new career as a Software Developer for Aladtec, Inc. right in his hometown of River Falls. He will work on a team whose job it is to maintain and create content for Aladtec's software-as-a-service (SaaS) application.

"Specifically, I am expected to competently design, write, and test code across all levels of our application," said Daniel. "I was offered a full-time position as a software developer after working for more than a year as a programming intern at Aladtec."

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How did UW-River Falls prepare you for your new career?
"UW-River Falls prepared me for my career by offering a wide variety of programming courses. This enabled me to learn the skills that I needed to work on a wide range of application levels. In addition, the professors who taught my courses really encouraged collaboration between students. This peer engagement helped me learn necessary communication and teamwork skills that are an expected staple of any graduate's skill set."

While attending UW-River Falls, did you have a particular class, faculty/staff member, or experience that was instrumental to your success? "One faculty member and experience stands out. Choosing to study abroad through the Wisconsin in Scotland program at UW-River Falls was easily my best decision and it was made possible by Professor Anthony Varghese of the Computer Science Department. Professor Varghese approved an independent study that I completed abroad enabling me to stay on track for graduation."

What one piece of advice would you have for an incoming freshman attending UW-River Falls?
"Ask questions, visit your professors during office hours, and try to find time for an international experience. Asking questions in class engages you in the class subject matter and can accelerate your learning. Visiting your professors regularly is something you will have to do when taking difficult courses so get into the habit early. Additionally, visiting during office hours will help establish your professors as your first professional network connections. Finally, studying abroad can be the best experience of your college career. It allows you to attain different perspectives and meet new people. Having some form of an international experience also looks attractive to future employers that have a global presence."

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