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Graduate Admission

Admissions Standards

Your application to graduate school starts by selecting your program of study. While the information below pertains to most graduate programs, there may be additional admission requirements and application instructions for your selected program of study.

General Admission Requirements

In general, the requirements to be admitted include:

  • An earned baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution;
  • An overall undergraduate grade point average of at least 2.75 (on a four-point scale) or an average of at least 2.90 based on the last 64 semester credits (90 quarter credits) of the undergraduate program;
  • Completed application received with $56 processing fee; and
  • Any additional admissions requirements specific to your program

Unless otherwise indicated by the application instructions of your selected program of study, all documents are submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office, 112 South Hall, 410 S. 3rd Street, River Falls, WI 54022 or by email to

Application Checklist

Follow this checklist to ensure that your application is complete:

Choose your program of study by reviewing the Graduate Catalog or contact the Graduate Studies office for assistance.

Apply online with the electronic UW System application form. Note that some programs have admissions deadlines or start during specific terms.

Pay the $56 application fee either by credit card or check. (Only required if you are pursuing a degree or certificate).

Send in any additional admissions materials, if required for your program. Requirements will be described for each program of study at Graduate Programs.

Request transcripts from your past colleges or universities. These official documents must be sent directly from the institution to Graduate Admissions, 112 South Hall, 410 S. 3rd Street, River Falls, WI 54022 or by email to unless otherwise directed by your program application instructions. If you are a currently enrolled UWRF student, send an email to the UWRF Registrar Office for instructions.

Find out your financial aid options by visiting the Financial Aid web page or contacting the Financial Aid office.

When you’ve been admitted, you’ll be sent instructions on how to register for classes and other information necessary to begin your course of study.

Admission Process and Requirements by Student Type

View special admission requirements or processes by selecting a student type below:

Non-degree or Temporary Graduate Students

 As a temporary graduate student, you may enroll in courses without being admitted into a degree or certificate program at UW-River Falls. You will need a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution to take graduate-level courses. The application fee is waived.

In the application, indicate that your reason for applying is to take courses for personal or professional enrichment.

If you decide to pursue a degree or certificate in the future, you will need to notify us in writing and meet any additional admission requirements, including payment of the application fee.

Returning Graduate Students

If you are a returning graduate student, you may complete a re-entry request form instead of an application unless you are changing your program of study or you are now interested in pursuing a degree or certificate. In these cases, you should contact the Admissions staff for assistance.

International Graduate Students

For more information about applying as an international student, refer to Admissions for International Students.

Transfer Graduate Students

Because of the unique nature of the program coursework, some of our graduate programs will not accept any transferred credits. For others, you are limited to transferring nine graduate credits and these credits must be approved by your advisor and the Director of Graduate Studies. Check with the program coordinator for specific information on transferring graduate credits.

To accept transfer credits, we must receive an official transcript from the institution listing the course taken. Transferring credits will not affect your probationary status. Distance-learning credits are eligible for transfer only if the course is accepted for a graduate degree program at the institution giving the credit.

New Teacher Graduate Students

If you seeking an initial teaching certification, you will need to pass the PRAXIS Subject Assessment exam and apply for certification through the College of Education and Professional Studies, Teacher Education Department. Go to the college Web site for more details.

Graduate Students Admitted on Probation

If your undergraduate grade point average was between 2.25 and 2.75, you may be admitted under probationary status. 

Probationary status is available if you have earned six or more graduate credits, with a grade of "B" or better from an accredited graduate school outside of the University of Wisconsin System and you meet all other admissions requirements. You will remain on probation until you have completed nine graduate credits at UW-River Falls with grades of "B" or better.