Dylan Greske

Hired Before Graduation

Dylan Greske, K-12 health and physical education major
New Position:
High School Physical Education Teacher for the Spooner Area School District, Spooner
Hometown: Ellsworth

Dylan Greske, a K-12 health and physical education major at UW-River Falls, will be helping to make Spooner High School just a little bit healthier as their new physical education teacher.

"I will be teaching physical education in grades 9-12," said Dylan. "I believe I got my job based on my involvement with UWRF's Health and Physical Education (HPE) program as well as getting involved in professional development and learning the latest in advancements in P.E. I really enjoy teaching teambuilding and character ed. I believe it is a crucial part of life and a lot of lessons about teamwork, communication, and responsibility can be taught during P.E. activities."

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How did UW-River Falls prepare you for your new career?
"The HPE program did an excellent job giving me real life opportunities to get involved in schools in urban, suburban, and rural areas. It also prepared me to give instruction to all age levels through community involvement from homeschool groups. It not only prepared me for teaching but administration, school policy, curriculum writing, and many other facets of teaching. I believe the staff and program at UWRF has a great reputation for preparing individuals for the job market and giving them the skills they need to be successful."

While attending UW-River Falls, did you have a particular class, faculty/staff member, or experience that was instrumental to your success?
"Many are responsible but two that are incredibly responsible are James Gostomski and Paul Shirilla. Both these professors have had a tremendous impact on me and my success during my time at River Falls. They both saw potential in me and pushed me to be the best student and future professional I can be."

What one piece of advice would you have for an incoming freshman attending UW-River Falls?
"Get involved early, whether it is in intramurals, clubs, or community events. Future employers look at what you have done in your spare time as much if not more than what you've done in class. They want to know what kind of whole person you are. Get involved, have fun, and live life."

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