Kimberly Benzschawel

Hired Before Graduation

Kimberly Benzschawel, chemistry major (biochemistry emphasis/biology minor)
New Position: Clinical DNA Testing Lab Technician for Prevention Genetics in Marshfield

Kimberly Benzschawel, a chemistry major with a biochemistry emphasis and biology minor at UW-River Falls, has the perfect formula for a successful future. She has secured a position with Prevention Genetics of Marshfield where she will be testing DNA as a lab technician.

"Prevention Genetics sequences DNA to check for mutations or diseases that might be present," Kimberly said. "I applied online, had an interview over Spring Break and received an offer of employment."

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How did UW-River Falls prepare you for your new career?
"UW-River Falls prepared me for my career by offering a wide range of classes in my areas of interest. This made me able to really broaden my knowledge and helped me to find what I was really passionate about. UWRF Career Services also played an important role by providing information on potential employers and what to expect when entering the job search."

While attending UW-River Falls, did you have a particular class, faculty/staff member, or experience that was instrumental to your success?
"A key part to my success was getting to know my professors. At first it was intimidating to go into their offices and talk to them, but once I did it really made me more comfortable in the classes. One professor in particular that really helped me throughout my college career was Dr. Daniel Marchand. He opened up the possibility for research early on in my college career which helped me to realize my love for hands-on lab work. He also was a great supporter throughout my schooling even when I wasn't taking one of his courses. He genuinely cared about my understanding of his subjects as well as being interested in my advancement and success in the chemistry program."

What one piece of advice would you have for an incoming freshman attending UW-River Falls?
"My one piece of advice to incoming freshmen would be to put yourself out there and not be afraid to try new things even if it scares you. Your time at college will fly by even though it seems like graduation is far away. If you don't take the time to enjoy it, you will end up with a list of 'I wish I would haves' and regret not taking the chance to experience different things. Study hard, but don't forget to make some time to have some fun and enjoy the ride! "

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