Living in the Halls

Your New Home

“It's great to live in the halls because you get the chance to meet new people and learn a lot of new things that will help build a solid foundation for you as you progress forward. It is a great place where you can "live,learn, and discover" more about the world and most importantly, yourself “ --Bhao, UWRF Student

What to Bring

No one residence hall is the same as another, so before you buy new stuff and pack up to head to UWRF, talk to your roommate so you can avoid doubling up on items.

  • School supplies and backpack
  • Driver's license
  • Cell phone and charger (as we do not have land line phones) freddy move in day
  • Insurance information
  • Alarm clock
  • Coaxial cable for television
  • Fan
  • Flashlight
  • Carpet (unless you are in Johnson, Ames, or South Fork Suites which have carpeting in the rooms)
  • Message board
  • Shower sandals
  • Blanket/comforter and sheets (XL-twin size)*
  • Clothes hangers
  • Laundry basket/bag and laundry detergent
  • Dish soap, plates, silverware, glasses
  • Permitted appliances (clock, radio, entertainment system, computer system, hair dryer, curling iron, shaver, coffeemaker, popcorn popper, heating pad, electric blanket)**

*Specially sized sheets, blankets, and comforters are needed for the extra-long mattresses in the residence halls. The UWRF Residence Hall Linen and Bedding Program provides a huge collection of custom-sized linens that are guaranteed to fit.

**If you are unsure whether or not an appliance is allowed, please send an e-mail to

What NOT to Bring

For your safety and safety of others and because of the physical limitations of our residence halls, we ask that you do not bring the following items (this list is not all inclusive).

  • Refrigerator and microwave (a microfridge unit is provided by the Department of Residence Life in traditional student rooms)
  • Halogen lights/lamps
  • Hotplates or open heating coil appliances such as toasters, toaster ovens, pizza ovens, quesadilla makers, or George Forman type grills
  • Items requiring open flames, such as candles, oil lamps, and incense
  • Fireworks or any other explosives
  • Dangerous weapons including, but not limited to, guns (airsoft, pellet, and paintball), rifles, bow and arrows, crossbows, large sporting or hunting knives, swords or spears
  • Foam-backed carpeting or foam pads for use under carpeting
  • Pets (exceptions are harmless fish in 20 gallon aquariums, but no reptiles such as frogs, turtles, snakes)
  • Waterbeds

A full list of policies and room decoration restrictions is available for your reference.

Provided Room Furnishings

“The rooms at UWRF provide plenty of space for living and studying comfortably for two residents. The furniture in the room provides an exceptional amount of space for storage and studying.” --Sean, UWRF Student

In addition to the variety of facilities and services provided in our residence halls, we also provide the following in every room on campus (extended housing spaces may vary).girls in room

  • Micro fridge which is a refrigerator and microwave in one unit.*
  • Loftable bed unit. Bed frame can be adjusted to loft at various heights and requires no additional rental pieces. Homemade or rented lofts are not permitted in the halls
  • Mattress
  • Desk and desk chair
  • Dresser and/or wardrobe

*Prucha Hall rooms have a mini-fridge and residents may bring their own microwave. South Forks Suites apartments include a full-size refrigerator, microwave, bedroom furnishings (loftable bed, desk, desk chair, dresser and wardrobe) and living room furniture.

Students are not permitted to remove or store any of the provided room furnishings outside of their residence hall room. 

A full list of room dimensions and amenities is provided on the Room Design web page.

Contact Us

Department of Residence Life
M-F, 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
B3 East Hathorn Hall