Living in the Halls

UPDATE: Leaving Temporarily For Winter/J-term Break:

Residents leaving the residence halls temporarily over Winter/J-term Break who will not return until spring semester need to complete the following tasks before departure:

  • Pack all items that you will need over break (medications, course materials, computer, etc...). You will not have access to your hall and room.
  • Trash emptied
  • Windows closed
  • Blinds closed
  • Heat dampers are closed
  • South Fork Suites, Ames Suites, center Hathorn Hall, Johnson Hall and May Hall residents turn the thermostat to 55
  • Clean inside and outside of the refrigerator, defrost and dry out, plug it in and leave on medium setting
  • Unplug all appliances, except for your refrigerator and aquarium
  • Lights off
  • Door locked


Move Out

All residents leaving the residence hall are required to check out of their room with hall staff (RA or Hall Director) before leaving campus. The student needs to schedule an appointment with hall staff at least 24 hours, or one business day, in advance. Room key must be turned in at the time of check-out. Failure to properly check out or return your room key will result in financial charges to the student’s account, which may include an improper checkout fee and room re-key fee.

Residents who have withdrawn from the university have 48 hours to check out of their residence hall.

A Residence Life staff member will check to ensure that the student has cleaned their room and will document any damages. Staff members will not check the room until the student has finished cleaning the room and removed all of their belongings.

Residents who fail to follow the checkout procedures outlined will be charged an administrative fee of $50 for improperly checking out.

The following description should be used by students as a guide to follow prior to checking out of their room:

  1. Remove all personal belongings.
  2. Return all university property to its original order and location.
    • Unloft the bed (except in Hathorn Center). Set the bed frame on the 4th rung from the top of the bed-end. Loft ends should be placed on top of the mattress.

Furniture Layout

  1. Room Cleaning Guidelines:
  • Walls/Ceiling/Mirrors: Remove all posters, tape, stickers and adhesives and clean marks and adhesive residue off all surfaces.
  • Floor: Sweep, vacuum and/or mop the floor. Do not sweep anything into the hallway.
  • Door: Remove all stickers/tape from both sides of door and clean off all writing/marks and adhesive residue.
  • Windows/Screens: Close and lock windows, and remove all tape, stickers, and adhesives.
  • Furniture: Wash all furniture surfaces – chairs, desks, dressers, window sills, etc. There should be no stains, black smudges, tape, or sticky spots left.
  • Micro Fridge/Refrigerator: Remove all items. The last resident in the space to leave must defrost, dry out and wipe clean the inside of the fridge and freezer. This includes the water tray underneath the freezer. This process takes over 24 hours. Do not use any object to remove frost or ice as this will puncture the unit. After defrosting and cleaning the fridge, leave it plugged in and set on level 3.
  • Wastebasket/Recycling bins: Empty and wash.

When a student checks out of their room, the check-in and checkout sections are then compared to help assess damages that may have occurred in the room during the student’s occupancy, beyond normal “wear and tear.”



Public Area Damage: Damage to any residence hall furniture, fixtures, or facilities or damage to property of students living in the residence hall is prohibited. If a student is responsible for damage in public areas of the residence hall, the cost of repair/replacement is charged to the student’s eSIS account.

Resident Room Damage: If anything is damaged, broken or missing at the time of checkout, the resident(s) may be charged to have it fixed/replaced. Staff will use the Room Condition Report completed by the resident at the beginning of the year to compare the condition of the room. Any and all damages that were not specified on the Room Condition Report when the resident moved in, other than normal wear and tear, will be recorded and charged to the student’s eSIS account. If it is not known or cannot be resolved which roommate(s) is responsible for the damage, then the charges will be divided equally between the roommates.

Damage Billing: For checkouts occurring within the semester, damages will be charged to student’s eSIS account immediately after checkout. For end of semester checkouts, those charges will be submitted within a few weeks. Repair/Replacement Cost of Items in Room (see next page) are approximate prices and are subject to change.



Item Traditional Halls Ames Suites South Fork Suites
Bike Locker $500 $500 $500
Bike Locker Key $40 $40 $40
Blinds $40 $40 $40
Bookcase NA $109 $75-$125
Bulletin Board $10 $10 NA
Ceiling $5-$10 $5-$10 $10-$20
Cleaning Fee $25 $25 $25
Computer/TV data box 12.50-$50 $12.50-$50 $5-$100
Desk $75-$200 $239 $10-$200
Desk Carrel (not center Hathorn) $150 $150 $150
Desk Chair $40-$100 $111 NA
Dirty Room/Floor $12.50 $12.50 NA
Door $60-$250 $125-300 $120-$500
Door (damage to number) $12.50-$25 $12.50-$25 $5
Dresser $75-$250 $221 $75-$200
Guard Rail $30 $30 $30
Key for Room $40 $40 $40
Key for Suite NA NA $55
Key for Both Room and Suite NA NA $75
Light NA NA $15-$60
Light Fixtures Cover $15-$30 $15-$30 $15-$30
Loft Bed $50-$200 $216 $50-$200
Loft Ends $150 $173 $150
Loft Shelf (Grimm & Stratton) $40 $43 NA
Loft Step (not Grimm, Stratton, Center Hathorn) $10 $10 $10
Mattress $122 $122 $122
Mirror $20 $20 NA
Peephole $2.50 $2.50 NA
Micro Fridge (dirty or not defrosted) $5-$10 $5-$10 NA
Micro Fridge (replace) $47.50-$135 $47.50-$135 NA
Recycling Container $5-$10 $5-$10 $5-$10
Room Furniture (movement) $10 $10 $10
Screen (repair) $12.50 $12.50 $25
Screen (replace) $50 $50 $100-$150
Screen (removal) $5 $5 $10
Smoke Alarm $10-$20 $10-$20 NA
Sprinkler $25-$2500 $25-$2500 $25-$2500
Thermostat $200 $200 $200
Tile Damage (ceiling) $5 $5 $2.50
Tile Damage (floor) $5 $5 $2.50
Towel Bar $10 $10 NA
Walls (cleaning and/or painting) $20-$100 $20-$100 $20-$100
Wardrobe NA NA $350
Wastebasket $5-$10 $5-$10 $10
Window (replace) $50-$125 $50-$125 $30-$250
Trash removal $10 (min) $10 (min) $10 (min)

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