Living in the Halls

Facilities and Services

As you make the transition to college, your residence hall is designed to provide you with everything you need to be successful in your "home away from home."

Bed Lofts

Each residence hall room is equipped with the components for a student to properly loft their bed. Students are required to set their bed back to its original position or as instructed upon checking out of the room.

Bicycle Storage, Maintenance and Registration

Bikes are welcomed on campus, however, they are not allowed to be stored inside the residence halls. Bike racks are located on each side of campus, adjacent to the residence halls.

A limited number of enclosed bike lockers are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis near the residence halls. Fill out the Bike Locker Rental Agreement Form to reserve a bike locker. The cost is $60 per academic year and $25 for the summer.

University Police offers a free bicycle license program which records each bike’s information (make, model, serial number, color, and owner information). Bicycle Registration will assist in the recovery of lost or missing bicycles and help reduce the potential theft of bicycles. Contact the University Police with questions (715-425-3133).

Collaboration Stations

Collaboration stations are specially-designed work areas strategically placed in designated halls throughout campus where students may hold meetings to collaborate on projects using multimedia. Each collaboration station provides a table with power outlets and adapters which connect to a large flat screen television, allowing users to display the content of their multimedia device on a larger screen for others in the room to view. Collaboration stations are available in Ames Suites, Crabtree, Grimm, Hathorn, Johnson, Prucha, and Stratton halls.

Cooking Facilities

Kitchen and cooking facilities are available in each residence hall. These facilities usually include a stove top, oven, microwave and a full-size fridge.


Elevators are available in Ames Suites, Crabtree, Hathorn, Johnson and South Fork Suites. If an elevator is not working, inform Residence Life staff immediately.

Fire Pits

Residence Life has three fire pits available for student use. One is located between Jesse H. Ames Suites and Crabtree Hall, one is located by the Ann Lydecker Living Learning Center, and one is located on the west side of Johnson Hall. Contact the University Center Reservations office for more information and to reserve a fire pit.


Each residence hall room is furnished with a loftable bed, dresser, study desk, closet rod, and a desk chair for each student living in the space. Room furnishings should not be removed from the room. A microwave/mini-fridge is available for roommates to share (excluding South Fork Suites). Students are not permitted to bring additional refrigerators/freezers or microwaves.


Residents are able to make adjustments to the level of heat in their rooms. If they believe the room is too hot/cold, they should contact their hall staff. Personal heating/air conditioning units are not permitted.

ID Cards and Residence Hall Access

Each student is provided with a UW-River Falls student ID card which is used to access the residence halls. On-campus residents visiting other residence halls can use their ID to gain access between 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. Students should carry their IDs while on campus and never lend them to other individuals. If a student’s ID is lost, stolen, or damaged, they should contact the Division of Technology Services (715-425-3687) or visit them in 160 Davee Library as soon as possible to deactivate the card and get a new one.


All residence halls are Wi-Fi enabled. Learn how to connect to campus internet here.

Isolation Meal Box

Isolation Meal Boxes are available to on-campus residents enrolled in a meal plan. They contain food and beverage items intended to provide the equivalent of three meals for an individual with flu-like symptoms. For each Isolation Meal Box Request Form submitted, Dining Services will provide one delivery per person, per day. Three meals will be deducted from the meal plan; one for breakfast, one for lunch, and one for dinner. On the weekends, two meals will be deducted, one for brunch and one for dinner. The Isolation Meal program is to be used to help residents recovering from an illness when they are unable to make it to dining service areas for their meals. Misuse of the program may result in the loss of privilege to use the program. For more information about the Isolation Meal Box plan and request form, visit the Dining Services webpage.


Laundry facilities are located in each hall in either the basement or individual communities, depending on the building. Laundry machines are free to residents. Each resident must provide their own detergent and dryer sheets. It is recommended that residents use detergent pods, as they work best in our high efficiency machines. With the Laundry View app residents can also determine when a machine is available and/or when their laundry is done. If a machine is not working, contact the phone number on the machine for repair. More information can be found at the Laundry View web page at

Light Bulbs

If a light bulb in a student’s room burns out, they should report it through the campus work order system, TMA and they will replace the light bulb as soon as they can.

Lost and Found

If a resident believes that they have lost any items, they can check with the front desk of their residence hall, the University Center Information Desk or University Police to see if the item has been turned in to the campus lost and found.


If a resident is temporarily locked out of their room (e.g. key is inside locked room), the resident should look for an RA who would be able to let them into their room (any RA in the building can assist the resident). If no RAs are available at the time, the resident should contact their Hall Director. Custodians and maintenance staff cannot allow a student back into their room.

Lost Keys

When a student loses their room key, they must go to the Residence Life office (B3 Hathorn Hall) to request a lock change and a new key. When the lock is re-keyed, the locksmith will provide a new room key to residents who are present. Residents who are not present when the lock is changed can receive their new key from their hall staff.

There is a fee associated to replace a lost or stolen key. A traditional Residence Hall room is $40. A South Fork Suites room is $75 for both the suite and room doors. The suite door only is $55 and the bedroom door only is $40.

Mail / Packages

Residents have secure mailboxes in their residence hall they can access with their room key. Envelope sized mail is delivered to residence hall mailboxes Monday through Friday.

Packages for residence hall students are delivered to the Hathorn Mail Center in the center/courtyard-facing doors of Hathorn Hall. Students will receive an email to their UWRF email when they have a package to pick up from the Hathorn Mail Center during open business hours. Residents must retrieve their own mail and will need their UWRF ID to retrieve packages.

The student’s name must be written clearly on any mail/packages along with their correct hall and room number. Residents should inform family and friends to not send cash and to certify anything of value with the Post Office. Mail that cannot be identified by staff or delivered due to an incomplete address will be returned to the sender. See page 7-8 for residence hall addresses.

Contact the Hathorn Mail Center for questions regarding mail and packages at 715-425-0704 or


Mail Forwarding

For six months after a student moves out of their residence hall room, only first-class mail will be forwarded to the mailing address that the student has provided in eSIS. If this address is not correct or is not where they wish to have their mail sent, it is the student’s responsibility to change their mailing address(es) in eSIS here:

Prior to leaving the residence hall for the summer break, residents should update their mailing addresses in eSIS, with companies, family members and friends to ensure they get their mail.


Mattresses are provided as part of the furnishings and measure 80” X 36” and are 8” thick. Twin extra-long sheets are recommended.

Micro-fridge Units

Micro Fridge units are provided in most residence hall rooms. The Micro Fridge units have a refrigerator component and a microwave. Separating the unit is considered vandalism and a resident may be charged restitution for the repair of the unit.

Instead of Micro Fridge units the George R. Field South Fork Suites includes a kitchenette which has a full-size refrigerator and microwave.

It is advised that students defrost their refrigerator/freezer at least once during the academic year. When you prepare to check out of your room, you must remove all items. The last resident to leave must defrost, dry out, and wipe clean the inside of the fridge and freezer (this process takes a while so you will need to start prior to the day of your checkout). Do not use any object to remove the frost/ice as this will cause a puncture of the unit and you being held responsible for the cost. This includes dumping the water out from the tray located under the freezer. After defrosting and cleaning the fridge, leave it plugged in and set on level 3.

Multimedia Rooms

Residence halls (with the exception of Ames and South Fork Suites) have a Multimedia Room equipped with 52” LCD TVs, Sony Blu-Ray Players (which will play regular DVDs as well), easy input and output ports to hook up a Wii, Xbox or vintage gaming systems with surround sound. There is also furniture and fixtures to create the perfect setting to watch shows or play video games. Multimedia rooms are available for residents to use between the hours of 8 a.m. and midnight on weekdays and noon to midnight on weekends.


On-campus parking information, including information about parking lots near the residence halls, is available on the Parking Office website.

Repair and Maintenance

Student assistance in reporting maintenance or custodial conditions in our residence halls is essential. If residents have concerns regarding maintenance or custodial conditions, they should report them through the campus work order system, TMA.


Room Design

Room layout and dimensions can be found on the Residence Life Room Design web page.

Television Guide

Internet Provided TV (IPTV)

IPTV is television provided over the internet, also known as "Stream 2."

Cable Television

The following TV channels are available in residence halls and academic buildings on main campus and south campus. They do not apply to the Kao International House. There are “sub-channels” available from the local providers. These channels frequently change. You should scan for new channels periodically to pick up these new offerings. See for an online interactive channel guide; search for zip code 54022 and choose the university cable system.

Channel Guide for IPTV and Cable TV

Technology Support

Visit the Technology in the Halls web page for answers to common questions.

The Division of Technology Services (DoTS), located in 160 Davee Library, provides technology support to all students, faculty and staff, and residents at UW-River Falls.

Residents can get help by visiting the DoTS website for the following topics:

  • Connect your device
  • Cable television and channels
  • Download Office 365
  • Find your MAC address
  • Printing
  • Reset your password
  • Student ID assistance

Technology assistance should be directed to DoTS at, 715-425-3687, or visit the the DoTS website.

Trash / Recycling

Residents are responsible for removing the trash and recycling from their rooms on a regular basis to maintain the cleanliness of our buildings. Trash and recycling should be placed in the appropriate receptacles located outside each residence hall. Trash from residence hall rooms should not be left in the bathrooms.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located within each residence hall. They accept cash and credit cards. Residents who experience any issue with the vending machines should contact the phone number located on the machine to address their concerns. Residents can also work through vending machine issues or refunds at the University Center’s Information Desk.

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