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At UW-River Falls, we are committed to promoting a campus culture that reflects our values of safety and nondiscrimination, and where our community can work, live, and learn in a productive and supportive environment. We all have an obligation to act in accordance with legal standards and ethical principles. In order to ensure that you are best prepared to fulfill these obligations for the benefit of yourself, your colleagues and students, the following web-based training courses must be completed within 30 days of start date. Recurrent training requirements for current employees are specified below.

Employees will receive an email from assigning training for the following three sessions:

- Data Security & Privacy (securing data and information technology) *required annually
- Title IX (sexual harassment/sexual discrimination) *required every three years
- Mandated Reporter (reporting of child abuse and neglect, Executive Order #54)

Public Records training is also recommended every three years. Click here to access the session:

- Wisconsin Public Records Law Basics

(Please ignore the reference to a quiz at the end of the training.)  

Additional information can be found in the Wisconsin Public Records Law Compliance Guide.

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