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At UW-River Falls, we are committed to promoting a campus culture that reflects our values of safety and nondiscrimination, and where our community can work, live, and learn in a productive and supportive environment.  We all have an obligation to act in accordance with legal standards and ethical principles. In order to ensure that you are best prepared to fulfill these obligations for the benefit of yourself, your colleagues and students, the following web-based training courses are required for all of our employees as indicated.
Completion of the below training is mandatory for all new hires within 30 days of start date.  Recurrent training requirements for current employees are specified as applicable below.

Checkpoint:  Data Security & Privacy.  Take Course:
(Lawroom training platform provided by EverFi, Approximately 90 minutes)

The course will help you identify data security threats, learn what data we are required to protect, and see how to respond to potential attacks.  UWRF will take appropriate action per UW System policy including restriction of access to data for those who fail to comply with this annual training requirement.  Breaches in information security can seriously impact our campus and our educational mission. 
*Training completion is automatically recorded.

Intersections:  Preventing Harassment & Sexual Violence.  Take Course:
(Lawroom training platform provided by EverFi, Approximately 90 minutes)

The course will raise awareness about harassment and discrimination and train employees how to identify and report sexual and interpersonal misconduct.  Recurrent training is required every three years
*Training completion is automatically recorded.

Wisconsin Public Records Law Basics Watch Video
(Approximately 10 minutes)

A State Executive Order requires all State employees to participate in Open Records & Retention training.  Above is the link to access the 10-minute required video training and questionnaire.

Mandated Reporter of Suspected Child AbuseTake Online Training (Approximately 45-75 minutes)

All employees of UW-River Falls are mandated to report incidents of child abuse or neglect that you might observe or learn of, as described in Executive Order 54 or Wis. Stat. 48.981.  Please refer to UWRF Administrative Policy AP-01-114 for more information.  The online training will include legal responsibilities as a mandated reporter, the types of child abuse and neglect and their definitions, how to recognize child abuse and neglect, how and where to make a report, what happens after you make a report, and the protections for a reporter under the law.

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