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Bulk Mailing

The United States Postal Service has implemented standards to reduce costly undeliverable mail. Our reduced rates depend upon our compliance to these new standards.

Bulk mailings will be processed in this order:

  1. Send the address list electronically to using the Microsoft Excel template located on the Postal Services web site. 
  2. Do not put address labels on your mailings. The corrected addresses and permit number will be ink-jetted on the mailing. 
  3. Put mailing in mail room with yellow mail card and account number (Fund-Prog-Dept-Project). We will also need samples (4-5) of your mailing that will be returned if not used. 
  4. Your updated addresses will be sent back electronically for future reference.

This applies to permit 32 non-profit bulk mailings only.


Address Placement Standards for Commercial Flat-Size Mail

Standards for commercial flat-size mail require mailers to place delivery addresses in the top half of the flat. Please visit the following site for more information.


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