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Confidential Shredding

How often is there a confidential shredding event on campus?

  • Confidential shredding is offered once to twice per year. Dates will be posted in Falcon Daily a few weeks prior to each opportunity.

What is considered confidential material?

  • Any document that has personal information such as birth date, social security numbers, employee ID numbers, bank account information, course exams, etc.
  • Material to be shredded must have met the legal retention period. See the UW System General Retention Schedule for Student Records for guidelines. If you still have a question, email or call 715-425-3567.

Who can get materials shredded?

  • Any campus department can submit materials to be shredded.
  • Please note that campus employees are not permitted to bring items in from home to be shredded.

How do I get my materials to be shredded included in the next shredding opportunity?

  • Departments are responsible for packing and storing material to be shredded until a campus shredding event is announced in Falcon Daily.
  • Find a reasonably sized box. The largest size box that will be picked up is equivalent to a copy paper box. Once you have a reasonably sized box, pack up all confidential material and tape it shut.
  • Label the box "shred" so it is clearly identified.
  • When a shredding event is announced in Falcon Daily, please submit a work order through TMA iServiceDesk listing the location of the boxes and the number of boxes to be picked up.

Who pays for the confidential shredding?

  • The UWRF Surplus Property Program covers the expense of the confidential shredding events.

For additional information, contact Joni Rose at or 715-425-4018



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