Waste Minimization

Surplus Property Program

The Surplus Property Program at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls is designed to remove items from campus that are no longer used or needed in an environmentally and fiscally responsible manner. The goals of the Surplus Property Program are to promote item reuse and to divert items from going into a landfill while generating revenue for campus.

Surplus Property Process:

1. Items in good condition that are collected are often issued back to a different campus department in an effort to reduce campus expenses of having to buy something new. For more information on how to send an item to surplus or how to get an item from surplus for an on campus department, please visit the Departmental Process page.

2. Items that are not issued back to campus are then sold through online auctions or an in-person surplus sale held on campus. For more information on current or upcoming sales and auctions, please visit the Sales & Auctions page.

3. Items that are not sold are donated to non-profit organizations.




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