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Student Billing

Student Billing provides tuition, billing, payment, and refund information to students through the Student Billing office. 

2018 Billing Checklist

2018 Student Billing and Financial Aid student presentation

2018 Student Billing and Financial Aid Family presentation

Student Billing offers invoicing services and departmental deposit processing to campus departments.

Contact the student billing office at or 715-425-3145, or 215 North Hall.

Fall 2018 Billing Statement is avaiable in eSIS, select the Billing Statement link in the Finances section of your eSIS Student Center. You must pay at least 1/3 of your portion of the bill after subtracting any pending financial aid by September 6, 2018 to avoid the $75.00 late payment fee.

To avoid any finance charge, the remaining amount for fall 2018 is due by October 2, 2018.

Summer 2018 Billing Statement is available in eSIS.  Select the Billing Statement link in the Finances section of your eSIS Student Center to see term and transaction details. 

Summer Tuition and Fees were due in full by May 23rd. If you still have a balance due for summer 2018 an amount due hold has been placed on your account and you will not be able to add any additional summer classes or change your fall schedule until the summer balance is paid in full.  A 1.25% per month finance charge will be assessed for previously billed charges, and will continue to be assessed each month that the balance is not paid, including undisbursed financial aid.

You will not be able to register for a future term until prior or current term tuition and fees are paid in full.

If you have any compliments, suggestions, information, or concerns about the Student Billing Office please let us know using this process.

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Student Billing Office
M-F, 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
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