General Payment Information

Partial Payment Plan

Partial payment plan are available for fall and spring term only.  You do not need to sign up for the optional partial payment plan. If you plan on participating in the payment plan, just make your payments as described below and we will know that you are using the partial payment plan.

The University offers an optional partial payment plan for Fall and Spring terms which provides for two installment payments after the initial due date. Refer to Billing calendar or your on-line eSIS account for actual due dates. A minimum of 33.3% is due by the first payment date for the term. An additional 33.3% is due 30 days after the initial due date. The remaining balance is due 30 days after the second payment. All charges on the student account are eligible for the partial payment plan.



Due Date

Percentage Due

First Payment

Aprox. 8 business days before the beginning of the term (1/25)


Second Payment

Second payment 30 days after first payment due date (2/25)


Final Payment

30 days after second payment due date (3/25)

33.34% or remaining balance


There is a $75.00 LATE FEE charged to students not making the minimum payment by the first due date of the fall and spring term. Also, a FINANCE CHARGE, assessed at 1.25% per month, an annual percentage rate of 15%, calculated on the unpaid balance will be added to each bill. To avoid the late fee students need to make a payment of at least 1/3 of their bill by the first due date. To avoid all finance charges, the account must be paid in full by the second due date of the Fall or Spring term even if you are on the partial payment plan.  

All financial aid awards must be disbursed to the account by the second due date to avoid finance charges on tuition and fees to be paid with financial aid. It is the student's responsibility to complete all financial aid requirements and monitor the status of his/her anticipated aid. Financial aid can take longer than families anticipate and it is important to start early and thoroughly complete every step.

Students on the partial payment plan will be billed for the full amount of the outstanding bill each month. The student may pay the remaining balance or more than the minimum percentage required for the second and third installment payment to avoid or reduce future finance charges.

There is no partial payment plan available for J-Term or Summer sessions.  Pay by the due date stated on the first invoice for J-Term or Summer to avoid finance charges.


This partial payment plan is subject to the regulations set forth in the Federal Truth in Lending Act. For further information on the Federal Truth in Lending Act, please contact the Student Billing Office. NOTICE: "Any holder of this consumer credit contract is subject to all claims and defenses which the debtor could assert against the seller of goods or services obtained pursuant hereto or with the proceeds hereof. Recovery hereunder by the debtor shall not exceed amounts paid by the debtor hereunder."


The use of the partial payment plan does not imply that a student can withdraw from school and thereby be excused from the remaining payments for the term. This plan merely defers portions of the fees to be paid later in the term. If a student withdraws after the refund period ends, fees must be paid in full. Refer to the schedule for refund periods.

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