Tuition Bills

Tuition Bills

Electronic Billing and Notification

The University does not generate paper bills for students. The student's bill is available on their eSIS approximately 1 month prior to the start of the term. An e-mail will be automatically generated when charges appear and sent to the student's UWRF e-mail account. A student not receiving/accessing an e-mail is not excused from not paying their bill on the posted due date this is  because the bill is available on their eSIS account.

Using Financial Aid

If a student is using financial assistance to pay all or part of their bill it is their responsibility to check their eSIS account to find the amount of pending aid and deduct that from their total balance. The balance remaining is treated the same as a student not using financial aid. 

Partial Payments

The University offers a partial payment plan for Fall and Spring term only.  Student are automatically entered into a partial payment plan if they pay at least 1/3 of their balance due by the first posted due date for the fall and spring term. (1/3 of the balance remaining after subtracting the pending financial aid). The student can make two more payments of at least 1/3 of the remaining balance by the 2nd and 3rd due date. To avoid all finance charges the account must be paid in full by the second due date of the fall and spring term.  

There is no payment plan options available for J-Term or Summer Term.  Tuition is due in full by the first due date for J-Term and Summer Term to avoid a finance charge. Finance charges will be assessed every month on any balances left unpaid after the payment due date for J-Term and Summer Term.

Late Fees and Finance Charges

There is a $75 late fee assessed to every account that does not have at least 1/3 of the bill paid by the first due date of fall and spring term. A 1.25% finance charge is assessed every month on any balances left unpaid starting after the 2nd payment due date posted for fall and spring term.

Tuition and Fee Appeals

Please see the Tuition and Fee Appeals for Policy and Procedures. 


If a student has not paid in full by the final due date of the term, a hold is placed on their account. This hold will prevent them from registering for future terms at UWRF until their account has been paid in full. Even if the student makes arrangements to get payment to us, the hold will stay on their account until there is a $0 balance.