Pre-Engineering at UW-River Falls

UWRF is an excellent place to begin your engineering degree.  We offer all the physics, mathematics and chemistry you need, plus your first engineering courses like Engineering Statics, Dynamics, and Mechanics of Materials/Deformable Bodies.  We also offer three electronics courses, several computer-aided design courses, and computer programming courses.

You can also finish many or all of your general education requirements at UWRF.  If you know what engineering school(s) you are interested in, we can work with you to match UWRF courses to the general education requirements of your engineering school and confirm that they will transfer for you.

What are the advantages of starting your engineering degree at UWRF?

  • Small class sizes with instructors who know you.
  • Quality instruction with award-winning professors.
  • Tuition savings! UWRF costs are much lower than those of engineering universities.
  • Individualized advising.
  • A supportive academic and social environment.
  • A nationally recognized department that has helped students earn engineering degrees for more than 30 years.
  • Excellent internship opportunities at companies like 3M, Banner Engineering, Cirrus, and County Materials.
  • Opportunities to participate in research experiences like those sponsored by the National Science Foundation or by UWRF's undergraduate research stipends.

Unlike the Physics/Chemistry/Dual Degree program which provides some assurance of admission to our engineering partners with recommended technical GPAs, students who are transferring to other schools to complete only their engineering degree will need to apply on their own and meet the transfer admissions standards of their target school.  Advisors at UWRF can advise about those guidelines, but you should also research the requirements and expectations of your engineering school.  As a pre-engineer who leaves UWRF to complete an engineering degree elsewhere, you will not need to complete UWRF's graduation requirements.  You will need to focus on the graduation requirements of your engineering university.  We have experience doing that and can help you!

Some of our pre-engineering students have gone on to finish their engineering degrees at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Purdue University, Old Dominion University, Iowa State, University of Minnesota-Duluth, Milwaukee School of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Georgia Tech, and the University of Arizona.

Please contact Prof. Rellen Hardtke at or 715-425-4230 for more information. We welcome you to visit any time. Parents and families are welcome. Evening and weekend visits are available.

Campus tours and admissions presentations are available from the UWRF Admissions Office throughout the year.  Contact the Admissions office by email or by phone 715-425-3500.

Why study engineering at UW-River Falls?

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