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WELCOME to the UWRF Physics Department - part of the UW System Center of Excellence in Undergraduate Physics and Chemistry.

We provide a quality curriculum in physics and astronomy within a supportive learning environment.

For those interested in engineering, a field with a broad variety of specializations, we have course plans for a full range of career paths, including: Pre-Engineering, Engineering, the Physics Dual Degree program, and the flexible Applied Physics for Industry and Engineering (APIE) option.

While UWRF offers STEM scholarships, we also offer scholarships for physics majors to make tuition more affordable.

With one of the most gender-balanced faculty in the country, we encourage women and students of color to look at our welcoming program. Non-traditional students, veterans, and LGBTQ students have found our department a positive place to pursue their college degree.

Excellent teaching, individualized advising, routine opportunities for student research, and public outreach are the core of our mission.

PHYSICS TUTORING CENTER -- Spring 2022-23 Hours:

Mondays:  6 pm-8 pm
Tuesdays:  4 pm-8 pm
Wednesdays:  6 pm-8 pm
Thursdays:  6 pm-8 pm

Contact Us

Physics Department
Phone: 715-425-3235

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