• Gillian working in the Physics lab
  • Roman Alvarado ALPhA Lab laser
  • Laura presenting information on IceCube project
  • Launching the Trebuchet, Fall 2014
  • Planetarium Instructor looking at Constellations
  • Maddy Boettner, Century College graduate and UWRF undergrad in Physics
  • Robert, Samantha, summer REU students



Welcome to the UWRF Physics Department, part of the University of Wisconsin System's Center of Excellence for Undergraduate Physics and Chemistry.

We are dedicated to helping students learn physics and astronomy by maintaining a rigorous curriculum within a supportive environment.

For students interested in engineering, we provide plans in pre-engineering, engineering, the physics dual degree program and numerous certificate options.

Our mission includes excellent teaching, individualized advising, public outreachuniversity scholarships, and scholarships for physics majors.

Students are offered travel options annually and our Society of Physics Students (SPS) chapter provides opportunities for research and presentation, networking and participation in outreach events:

10 UWRF physics students attend PhysCon, the largest gathering of undergraduate physics students in the U.S., Nov. 14-16, 2019, in Providence, RI. 

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Astronomy Talks & Observatory Viewings

8:00 pm Talk: “The Oldest Material on Earth: Seven-Billion-Year-Old Stardust”
8:30 pm Telescopes (waning crescent moon)

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"Physics Alumni Success Story"

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