L McCann Physics Classroom 01 2021
                    Photo by Pat Deninger, UCM staff.

WELCOME to the UWRF Physics Department, part of the UW System Center of Excellence for Undergraduate Physics and Chemistry.

We help students learn physics and astronomy by maintaining a rigorous, quality curriculum within a supportive environment.

For students interested in engineering, a field with a broad variety of pathways and specializations, we provide affordable plans in pre-engineering, engineering, the physics dual degree program and numerous certificate options.

Our mission includes excellent teaching, individualized advising, opportunities for student research, and public outreach.

UWRF routinely offers university scholarships, and we have scholarships for physics majors to help make tuition more affordable.

Astrophysics Discovery...

Researchers from the UWRF Physics Department, including Associate Professor Suruj Seunarine and Professor Glenn Spiczak, contributed to a significant astrophysics discovery published March 10, 2021, in Nature as a result of their work with the IceCube Collaboration. Professor Rellen Hardtke is a former member of IceCube.


Physics student Ian Carter is spotlighted in FALCON FEATURES magazine (pgs. 18-19).

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Roman Alvarado ALPhA Lab laser
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