Science Olympiad

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You are invited to come see some fun Science Olympiad Activities!
Teams will come and go to events between 9:30 a.m. and 3:20 p.m. competing in 28 different competitions throughout the day.

Not all events are open to the public.


Listed below are a few fun events for spectators:


  • Flight on the KFA  131 Abbott Hall Concert Stage attempting to sail carefully designed planes made out of balsam wood and plastic wrap
  • Air Trajectory in the UC Falcon’s Nest attempting to launch a ball onto 1 m by 1 m targets
  • Scrambler in the UC Falcon’s Nest attempting to design a vehicle to stop on a dime before smashing into a wall breaking the precious egg cargo
  • Tower in KFA 134 Choir Room attempting to hang the most weight on a tower before in crumbles
  • Robot Tour in AEA 192 attempting to program a small robot to navigate a maze

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